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Update 2/10/2010: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this promotion!With so many tools available, it is easier than ever to stay connected with family members. Yet sometimes it is hard to find the time. Sprint recently asked 8 BlogHers to share their top 10 list for keeping their family connected in 2010.

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other blogs about food?

i'm new to blogher (and have only been blogging for a month or so) - any advice is welcome! i run a blog about baking - it's something i've recently started to really get into, and my housemates love the benefits of living with someone who bakes goodies after a stressful day. if you have a blog about food (baking, cooking, etc), let me know, i'd love to stop by and take a look!!...more

Hi, just wanted to say I'm right there with ya. I'm trying my hand at the food blogging as ... more