Sugar-Free Cinnamon Toast for the Morning Rush

When I wake up in the dark hours of the morning, it is the thought of that steamy hot cup of tea that gently coaxes my feet out from the covers and onto the floor. If I hurry, I can take my first sip, in silence, before the mayhem starts. ...more

How To Pin On Pinterest

His Last Christmas Wish

UPDATE:  Nate has received an abundance of cards, and he is overwhelmed with gratitude. You have helped him reach his dream. He is now very weak, and volunteers and family are opening the cards and reading them to him. If you would like to make a donation earmarked for hospice in Nate Elfrink’s name, you can do so at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation. You can mail donations to the foundation at 700 Children’s Dr., Columbus, OH 43205. ...more

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the Blogher community. According to a 12.15 ...more

Tobacco Companies Are Trying To Hook My Kids

As parents, we have done a respectable job of teaching our four boys that smoking is a dirty, smelly, dangerous habit that is highly addictive and one that could ruin their lives. I think our plan has worked; our kids are repulsed by the smell of smoke — not just the smell, but the very idea of breathing harmful chemicals sends them reeling in disbelief. “Why would anyone ever do that?” ...more

Give What You Grow

Grow a garden this summer, even a small one, to give food to your local food banks. Right now, the global economic crisis is stressing pantries, as more families must make the choice between food or utilities. In 2007, the number of undernourished people in the world increased by 75 million in 2007. We can expect that number to rise. ...more

I Am Now The Mother Of A Teenager

I’ve always heard scary things about parenting a teen; so far all of them are true. The trick, I think, is to not let them know you’re alarmed by their behavior; and really, there is no reason to be afraid. I keep telling myself that the arrogance, the self-righteousness, and the rudeness are just part of a river that’s running down the stream. He once had colic, and now he doesn’t; so this all too will pass. Yet, sometimes he shines like a precious stone.  ...more