Knorr Four™ Recipe Contest

This was so much fun to create. Thank you Knorr and ... more

Would you tweet about a family tragedy?

Frankly, I'm perplexed at the criticism and malice I've seen on Twitter surrounding the death of Shellie Ross -- @Military_Mom -- 's 2-year old son.  When an innocent little boy is found at the bottom of a pool, you'd expect words of comfort, sympathy and support, not comments like: 

DUPLO asks BlogHer Moms to Answer Your Parenting Questions

BlogHer moms know how important it is to stimulate creativity and intellectual development. That's why we've partnered with LEGO® DUPLO® to bring you a place to share your ideas with other moms and find new ways to teach your kids in a fun and entertaining way!

The first-day-of-school photo: how to do it, and do it well

Recently, someone asked me to share a few tips on how to take a good first-day-of-school photograph of kids.  She began, "See, the reason ..." But she didn't have to explain.  This is actually a topic I've been thinking a lot of these days.  Because, you see, my baby girl starts kindergarten this fall.  ...more

of back to school, and growing up. It's such a great idea to photograph the clothes... ... more

The Secret Truth Behind the Mommy Body

I was recently talking to a newly pregnant friend of mine about postpartum bodies. She looked at me expectantly.  "I have hope, though, because you are smaller now than you were before you were pregnant." And I thought -- should I tell her the secret? ...more

I started doing yoga precisely because my baby had colic... I hoped that maybe a calm, ... more

Are You Making the Most of Your Freezer?

How do you feel about your freezer? In my kitchen I have a side-by-side refrigerator with a freezer, plus an additional upright freezer, and both my freezers are usually pretty full. I admit, I'm one of those crazy ladies who can't stand to throw away perfectly good food or ingredients, so I'm always thinking of new things to freeze. ...more

Thank you for this extensive list... I use my freezer like crazy, and I ... more

The CPSIA puts handmade toys and kids clothes in danger of extinction. Like, soon.

This week I got an email addressed to me at Cool Mom Picks, the shopping blog that I co-founded, and it nearly broke my heart. ...more

I gratefully buy toys for my kids on Etsy; so happy to have finally found a source for ... more

Will Michelle Obama Spark the Next 'Mommy Wars' Skirmish?

Loads of media types are already wondering aloud, what kind of parents the Obamas will be. For me, that question is sort of silly -- won't they continue to be the same kind of parents they've always been? ...more

You are so right. The media will definitely zero their magnifying glass ... more

Daughters and Mothers

I’m sitting at my dining room table reading comments to a posting here on blogher (The Shift of the Mommyblogger) about mommy bloggers and mothers who blog and how we adjust how much we say about our children depending on their age and our concerns for their privacy and right to their own lives and their right to a relatively humiliation-free adolescence (as if that’s possible with blogger-moms). And as I read the comments that have accrued during the day, my younger daughter comes downstairs and sits on the couch near where I sit. ...more

What a lovely window into the intimacy you share with your daughter. This is why I love ... more