I Don’t Even Have A Lemon Tree

But, yet, I feel an overwhelming urge to whip up a jar of preserved lemon jelly. ...more

Without Having All the Answers, She Made It Anyway

April is a remarkable woman. Without having any hope, support or help of moving her life in a new, healthier direction, somehow, she managed to do it anyway, ...more

A Bit Tougher Than I Expected

This surgery just snuck up on me and got the better of me. I’m not saying it won… But it was a struggle. And the first step was recognizing I needed to be recovered ....more

Because That’s Not How Grandma Did It

ME: ...more

Camp Lake

I worked and played as hard as I could. The scene was the lake, where a canoe strengthened my arms on windy days, and fortified my determination. Without an ACL, even fireworks offer a challenge to move out of the cinder and ash trajectory ,...more

You are Cleared For Surgery

If she had not used the word “tourniquet” in the discussion about my own knee reconstruction, I might have felt better. The nurse was...more

So, This Year, The Dog Wore A Life Jacket

In last summer’s 4th of July Parade, Rosie jumped shipped, and caused us all to panic. So, this year, we kept her on the shore… While this dog sailed by. Safe, in his life jacket ....more

Tonight, I Get To Turn Off My Phone

With one boy, far off and away at college, and another one who stays out late, I always keep my phone by my bed — on. I never know what I might be called upon on those late night hours of sleep. ...more

I’m Friends With My Son’s Ex-Girlfriend

I get random texts from her, I follow her on Facebook — because she delights me– and sometimes, when he’s not around, I actually sneak over to her house and look at her Europe photos. She just got back. I’d like to spend even more time over there — but I can’t ....more

My Favorite Backpack

The first rule of crutches is — no purses. You can’t have a purse dangling off your arm, bumping your crutches. A backpack is the way to go ....more