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Synergy needs to exist between consumer choices, health and a healthy world. Our mission is to educate and inspire people to make healthier, more informed consumer choices. Begin or continue your green journey here with environmental news and health info about:organics, yoga, natural products, environmental toxins, vaccines, ways to live chemical free, green jobs and green giveaways. Our future depends on our knowledge and actions. What choices will you make today that will change your health and the health of our world tomorrow?...more

It feels like we may share a kindred spirit. This is a new world we are living in. I love ... more

The Happy Hypochondriac

Yesterday I went to the gym for a run on the treadmill. I'm trying to get my base fitness level up so that I can run a marathon in October. Basically I am trying to teach myself to run. So yesterday I managed to run straight for four miles! I'm shocked, frankly. And I realize that I have a long way to go for 26.2, but hey, I'd say this is progress. And I didn't feel like I would die right afterward. ...more

I love it and really enjoy your blog. We really have a lot in common, please feel free to say ... more

and im no miss

this is the me that most of the time people don't see...more

I really enjoy hearing all the things you have been accomplishing. Thank you. We share many ... more

Animal Accolades

As a Dressage enthusiast, I ride my 1998 Trakehner mare most days. Join us for training and product tips, schooling ideas and ways to keep a Border collie and Cocker spaniel occupied....more

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Tickled Pink

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, nurse....SAHM to three little ladies.....more

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Lola Wisdom

Life is too short not to savor the moments; good, bad, festive, somber, photos, words, mother, lover, success and failure.  Lola Wisdom shares pictures, poems, and stories of lifes moments....more

I love the message you are out to give. We have much in common, and share a lot of the same ... more

The Dainty Vegetarian

A delightful look at eating vegetarian without all the weird foods you can't pronounce!  Also, fabulous ideas for entertaining and hosting....more

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Emily Perry Studios

::creative journeys:: healing arts:: studio art:: yogacome join me on the creative journey...more

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Violetlady At Home

I share thoughts, opinions, memories, life experiences, vintage shopping finds, book reviews....more

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Honeysuckle Chic

Maintain your chic factor with articles covering fashion, beauty, food, travels, & more all sprinkled with my experiences from working at top companies within the fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle industries (Comedy Central, InStyle Magazine, and Martha Stewart). I love putting a personal spin on what's right now regarding topics broadly ranging from last night's Hollywood party to the easiest menu to serve at a Sunday brunch for friends to my horseback riding lessons or how to shop your closet for work-wear ensembles....more

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