Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss  If you've ever been a kid, babysat for kids, or have some of your own, then you've no doubt read a Dr Seuss book. Aloud. And often....more

P-Daddy, the Charming

 Some days you just feel irritated. I know I do, so please if you are one of those people who never feels annoyed and miserable for no apparent reason, keep it to yourself. Today's grumps may have been caused by the cold weather....more

Bacon, Leek & Cheddar Quiche

Last Wednesday, with the kids and P-Daddy home for lunch, I decided to whip up a quick quiche. I like to use Irish restaurant and gift shop, Avoca Handweavers, cafe's cookbook recipe for the custard....more

When the Littlest Got a Haircut

   The Littlest's hair is of the wispy, fine, straight variety. He used to look like this:...more

French Cookbook Giveaway

My thing is cooking. Well, really my thing is eating. And since I have three kids and therefore little desire to sit in restaurants with them more than is absolutely necessary, my thing has turned out to be cooking. I do it because I get a hankering for something and just have to have it. Or maybe I've had something delicious in a restaurant one of the few times I get to go to one and want to make it at home so I can have it again and again. Or I get an idea from a book or see something beautiful at the market that is begging me to eat it. ...more

Grocery Store Wars, French Style

There are a few big grocery store chains here in France just like at home. Some are regional and some national and they all want you to spend your euro in their store. One of the ways they do this is by having a fidelity card that pays you back in % of what you spend. Do we have these in the States? See, I really just can't remember. One of the best cards in my opinion is through  E.Leclerc. Does that name trigger something in your English speaking mind? What do you think of?...more

Horsey, Frosty French Mornings

It is pretty frosty and cold here these French mornings. When the kids are just headed to school, it's enough to fill them full of warm, cinnamony oatmeal, bundle them into coats, scarves and hats and send them trotting into their warm, toasty classrooms for the morning.   ...more

Faire d'Amour

Here's a quickie.Or maybe that's not the best choice of words, considering....more

Mammograms; Nothing to Fear

You know how I told you that I had to have my first mammogram? Well, I did it last week. But not before I got news from Texas Bestie A that made all my fears and anxieties about having it done seem silly....more

Medieval Festival in Photos + Some Words

{ancient stone walls}...more