The Cat is...DEAD?!?


That's What She Said...

(I started collecting stories from my friends. I told them to send me whatever they wanted.  It could be a full page or a few sentences...whatever they wanted to share.  I was inundated with amazing stories: funny, sad, heartwrenching, enlightening and even just plain every day thoughts.  I thought it would be fun to share them with you every Friday....more

1 Brother, 2 Neighbors and a Partridge in a Pear Tree...???

Before I go any further with my blogging, I think you need to know something about me... I have  never once... in my entire life... referred to myself as a writer....more

Tripping The Prom Queen


What To Do When Your Doctor is a Jackass

What To Do When Your Doctor is a Jackass   I’ve been going to the same family practice doc since I was 16 years old.  That was a long time ago.  I’ve stayed with him for a few reasons: ...more

Can Shopping Save Your Life??!?

 Ask anyone on the street if they believe exercise has  physical benefits.  Of course they will agree. How about mental benefits?  “Yep,”  to that as well.  But shopping?  Mental benefits?  I seem to be light years ahead of the average Joe where this is concerned as I’ve known this for most of my life........  Danielle


Ladies, did you know that when you divide your age in half and then add 8 (so in my case 36/2=18+8=26) that number (26) becomes the age of the opposite sex, for if you were to date him, you would be considered a "COUGAR?" Yes, that's right. And I don't believe that term is alternated with "kitten" which seems young, fun and cute. Cougar seems old, harsh and all "leopard-y." I am considered a cougar at age 36....kind of a bummer. Let me stop you here...yes, I am a married woman....more