We're More Alike Than We Are Different: A Book Review of Why Have Kids?

I recently received and want to share this book review for Why Have Kids? by La Vie Childfree blog follower Gabriela Maya Bernadett.Here it is: ...more

Two Stigmas Preventing Full Reproductive Freedom

As Election Day approaches, Roe v Wade remains the law of the land, but with a Republican victory and an aging Supreme Court, this law may very well be in jeopardy. ...more
This is a very interesting article. While I am parent, it never occurred to me that ...more

The Special Bond That Comes With Childfree Friendships

One of the things the childfree know is how friendships so often change when their friends have children. Friendships can be challenged, can wane, even end. But they don't have to; they can still go the distance....more

What to Expect When You'll Never Be Expecting

The October issue of Women's Health Magazine has an article by Carrie Anton that takes a clever angle on what to expect from others in reaction to the childfree choice....more

Today is World Contraception Day

World Contraception Day (WCD) has been organized by the European Society of Contraception since September 2007....more

Rethinking Work-Life Balance Policies

In the recent op-ed piece, "Family Well-Being Tied to Men's Work Lives," Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of the big buzz-generating Atlantic article, "Why Women Still Can't Have It All," and Joan Willi...more

An Inconvenient Abortion Truth

On August 28th, the 2012 We Believe in America Republican Platform was approved. It supports a human life amendment to the Constitution, which would ban all abortions, even in the case of incest and rape....more

Treating Parenthood as a Privilege

What kind of story do we see in the news just about every day? Incidents of child abuse. When it comes to child abuse, the statistics in the United States are unnerving. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, in the United States a child is abused or neglected every 36 seconds....more

On the Childfree Changing Their Minds

About a year ago, I asked the childfree to write in their answer to this On-the-Ground question: What childfree stereotype have you been subjected to most in your life?" I did the "top 10" things people wrote in about, and the #1 thing people said is the same as what I have been getting a lot of email from frus...more

Why the Roadblocks to Sterilization?

In addition to the recent talk about sterilization and regret, an article in this month's edition of Vogue takes a very good angle on the topic of sterilization. The title of the article is: "Q: Just how hard can it be to avoid getting pregnant?...more