Trying to figure blogher out!

Trying to figure blogher out!...more
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Finding exercise that works for you...

One of the biggest reasons we don't stick to an exercise routine is because we don't like it! We get bored! I haven't been to the gym in years because I can't stand it. If you like the gym, I'm very jealous! I love walking, but not just for the purpose of walking. I like to walk TO something or the grocery store or a clothing boutique, or a friend's house, or a wine bar!

Not quite grammar

I'm curious to know what grammar-abiding bloggers feel about italics within blog posts. I'm noticing a lot of bloggers use it to signify dialogue and for sentence-length emphasis, which goes against "the rules."I know this is outside of "grammar", but something tells me this group loves punctuation and style just as much.



What are you reading?

I've got a stack a mile high of books to read but among them are two of my favorite personal growth classics that I'm hoping to re-read soon and one is a new-to-me favorite of a cousin of mine who recommended it to me.

Too funny!

I actually just did an entire post about my adoration for lists, and my blog header is even a list I made out... Who knew there was an entire group of women dedicated to keeping the list alive! I love it! :) S.I.F.

The Year of HAPPY - what I am changing...

Here are a few things I'm going to do to make myself happier - embrace new opportunitiesbe more adventurousgive love more freelycount my blessingsbe less timid, be more BOLD What are some things you are thinking of changing to make yourself happier?little mama


Hello all Endometriosis is not a life threatening disease, but it is a painful and sometimes lonely disease.