John Din

I’m not going to name any names, but when certain members of the Din Household are sick they push any and all obligations aside, climb into bed, and simply remain motionless and unresponsive for 24-48 hours.  While maintaining a candlelight vigil praying for this person’s recovery (for simplicity’s sake we’ll call him John, but do note that names have been changed to protect this person’s identity),  the remaining members of the household will not hear from John unless he is in need of a meal, Sudafed, tea, his iPhone, his laptop, his charger, or the TV remote. ...more

The Most Annoying Question...Ever

I find it so interesting that people I’ve known for 5 minutes have the nerve to ask some of the most obnoxious questions.  I took Maya to the park after school yesterday, and ran into this seemingly friendly lady who asked me about ten nosy questions in the span of 3 minutes.  Random Park Lady (gesturing to Maya): “Is she your only child?” Me: Yes, but she has so much energy that sometimes feel like I have 3 kids!” Random Park Lady: “Are you going to have more kids?’ Me: “N...more

Thanks to a terrible stylist, I now have boy-hair

My husband makes fun of me for many reasons, but mainly because I am always saving for a rainy day.  Whenever we get an unexpected windfall, i.e....more

How We Met

Q: How did you and Ali meet?  Post wedding pics!!  Please forgive me for taking pictures of our photo album...working scanners aren't as easy to come by as I thought they were! A: Ali and I met...more

Book Review - House Rules by Jodi Picoult

House Rules by Jodi Picoult About twenty times a day I think, “If I only I knew then what I know now.”  For example, today I thought: ...more

What Does it Take to Silence a 5-Year-Old?

I often wondered why I bothered going to college.  I mean, I really didn’t need a degree in finance to sit around and field ridiculous questions from Ali and Maya all day long.  Plus, if I’d stopped at high school I could have saved myself a lot of energy studying and my dad a whole lot of money on tuition. The questions started bright and early this morning with Ali’s “So, what’s for breakfast?” ...more

Sitting Like a Lady

Mother’s Day started with a bang.  Literally.  As I got a head start on the laundry Sunday morning (or so I thought) parts of our washing machine suddenly detached and made the scariest noise I have ever heard.  Needless to say the machine is no longer usable, and what better timing for the machine to break than a Sunday when a week’s worth of laundry needs to be done? So I ended up spending the better part of Mother’s Day at Best Buy searching for a new washer/dryer and then lugging two giant trash bags of dirty clot...more


I don’t have many crappy days but yesterday was definitely one of them.  While there were a myriad of reasons why I couldn’t wait for the day to end, I’ll give you the Cliffs Notes version:  1....more

In a State of Flux

I’ve been in a weird state of mind these days.  For some reason things that normally drive me nuts don’t seem to be pushing me over the edge.  I’ve been letting dishes pile up in the sink, shoes collect at the door, and I didn’t even freak out yesterday when Maya and her little friend trailed cookie crumbs all over the clean hardwood floor.  (I haven’t gone completely nuts though, as I did pick up every crumb.) In addition to letting the house turn into a disaster area, I’ve been spending less time ...more

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