Would You Tweet a Birth? Would You Bring Your Laptop to the Delivery Room?

In addition to considering which people you want in the delivery room, women giving birth today also need to contend with what technology to bring to the stirrups. I'm not talking about sonograms or epidural pumps. There are Twitter, Facebook, and blogging to consider. There are cell phones, computers, Blackberries, iPhones, cameras and Flip videos to trot out. People are livestreaming their birth experience! ...more

My husband came to the hospital full armed with his laptop and cell phone when I had my daughter ... more

How to Get Published: Before We Even Get Started (Part One)

I am a published author. And you can be, too. ...more

I work in finance by day but I really want to be a writer. I've been blogging for a while now ... more

Taming the Forest: What to Do About Armpit Hair?

I can't raise my arms. You see, I have a small problem. It's a hairy situation, really, what with the forest of growth developing in the pits of darkness. I've got furry armpits. ...more

I was equally disgusted and humored by this post. :)

As someone who shaves every single day ... more

She's Still Got It: Lindsay Ferrier's Style Blog Sold to CafeMom

Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil announced today she's sold her style blog, She's Still Got It, to CafeMom. According to Lindsay, "Starting Monday, She's Still Got It will move to Cafe Mom, the number one mom's site on the Internet. The content will be the same (but there will be more of it) and I'll still have a dedicated page over there with all of my posts. The big difference? I'll be getting paid to do what I love." BlogHer talked to Lindsay this afternoon to see how she managed to turn a labor of love into a paid writing gig so quickly. ...more

It is so great to hear such inspiring stories like yours! Congratulations to you and Cafe ... more

The $100 Question: Tell Schmutzie Which Zombie Fashion Trends Must Die

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Schmutzie from Schmutzie.com ...more

I remember the 80s vividly and the Jane Fonda-esque stirrup pants. Remember those ugly, tight ... more

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: The Lady Thing I Won't Talk About. Even With Feminists.

So, I have been thinking (ahahaha, I know, right?  Because we ladies, we NEVER do that too much.  Sigh).  And it was because of the Jezebel post about the MTV True Life episode, which I just watched, on Body Dysmorphic Disorder. ...more

I think so many of us can relate to what you've written. 99% of us suffer from this disorder ... more

Would You Really Trust A Man To Take Birth Control Pills?

 On the news I heard a snippet of a story saying that scientists are one step closer to creating a birth control pill for men after finding a new human sex hormone that could be used to suppress male fertility. At first, I thought sure, that would be an excellent idea. Let men take responsibility from preventing their progeny from popping up all over the world. Why not have another alternative, besides a condom, for men to use, because we all know men use condoms ALL the time (rightttttttttttttttttttttttt). ...more

My husband can barely remember his wallet and phone every day...there is no way I would let ... more