Women, Finance, Education, Confidence and Blogging

What do women need to take charge of their finances? Education, confidence, more blog reading or all three? Confidence gets Boston Gal's vote after reading an article by Janet Bodnar discussing her book Money Smart Women. Bodnar points out that although women are actually better educated than ever about finances, they lack confidence... ...more

Thanks for the mention and I agree that why people should read blogs follows closely with the ... more

Personal Finance Bloggers Blog Their Way Into Business

Some personal finance bloggers use their blogs as a way of swapping ideas and to hold themselves publicly accountable as they work their way to a solid balance sheet. Others begin to seek opportunities to monetize their blogs in traditional ways such as adding advertising if only to pay for their bandwidth or to support a favorite charity. A third group are entrepreneurs at heart and the process of creatively building their blog leads them to think of creative ways to turn their blogs into entrepreneurial endeavors. ...more

Thanks for the mention. It does take a lot of time and effort (doesn't any business that you ... more