Colorado Flood Clean-up: I Held a Lifetime in My Hands Today

In my hands today, I held an entire lifetime of memories.Then I threw it away. Pieces of a life built over decades and decades.In my hands today, I held mementos of vacations, trinkets from a career long over, first editions of books printed nearly 100 years ago.Trade journals and huge volumes and certificates that had once been proudly displayed. Gone.In my hands today, I held film reels and photographs and journals filled with handwritten pages....more
Such a sad and thought provoking post. more

14 Things They Don't Tell You About Making Babies

If you got pregnant on your honeymoon or totally by accident, this post is not for you. The acts required to make babies in a heterosexual relationship are supposed to be fun. They are awesome. They are supremely enjoyable. If you are specifically doing the sex to make-a the babies, some of the recreation gets sucked out of it. ...more
When I was in the early stages of pregnancy and wondering what the heck I had let myself in for ... more

Please Don't Talk To Me While You're Squeezing My Breasts

No, I don’t mean my husband. (This isn't that kind of story.) I do mean you, Ms. Mammogram Technologist. ...more
Mary you don't sound neurotic to me at all. I had a routine Mammogram done just this week and I ... more

Announcing BlogHer’s Food Well Said (Beta): What Do You Think?

For a little more than a year now, BlogHer has published the #3 largest food network in the U.S. (comScore), syndicating headlines from and advertising to 600 of the best food blogs in the world. To celebrate these amazing bloggers and serve our mission to create more exposure for their work, we've taken an important step forward with this new service: Throughout the day, we will update BlogHer’s Food Well Said (Beta) with beautiful, highly clickable excerpts from the latest posts from all 600 blogs in BlogHer’s Publishing Network for food blogs. ...more
My initial impression of Food Well Said is the type is easy to read which is important for us ... more

Sexual Attack: Not Just Pretty Girls

There has been much talk about rape, and with good reason: It happens, sadly, with dizzying frequency, in all kinds of circumstances and to all kinds of people. It's difficult to talk about, and it's certainly difficult to live through, but there's more to the conversation of rape than simply the four-letter word itself. I'm not sure whether I'm one of the lucky ones (i.e....more
Meister I had a similar experience 45 years ago. Before anyone reading this starts to think  I ... more

Dispatches From the Dark Side: My Battle With Suicidal Feelings

Trigger warning for talk of suicide If I was writing about almost any other health issue, I wouldn’t hesitate to post this. If I had diabetes, or cancer, or liver failure, you wouldn’t feel strange reading this. If I started out by saying, “I went to the hospital last night because I had the flu,” no one would think twice. No one would call it oversharing. No one would make me feel like I should be ashamed or embarrassed. But I didn’t go to the hospital because I had the flu. I went to the hospital last night because I wanted to die. ...more
Thank you for having the courage to write this post. I have been where you are now. I ... more

Outside the Fence: I Don't Like the Other Moms at School

When Little Guy was five, we lucked out with admission to a full time Pre-K program at a school outside of our zone. It was a year of tardies (I say without pride that I was notorious for those) thanks to our mile long walk that was not alleviated by the public transit system. But despite the daily trek, our first venture in school was great. Little Guy loved being at school. I loved picking him up afterwards... and it wasn't just because we couldn't be marked tardy heading back home. It was because I always looked forward to the afternoon chats with the other moms....more
I totally agree. I never liked listening to the Mum's at my kids school either and that was 30 ... more

I Don't Care About Your Diet or Your Extra Five Pounds

It's that time of the year when everyone is abuzz with New Year's resolutions. They include "lose weight," "exercise more," "get healthy," and a million others in between. I'm not against resolutions, but what I do hate to see is an unrealistic attitude and approach on the losing weight one -- and the biggest offenders are women. ...more
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Do You Suffer From Mom Brain?

I’ve always said that our intelligence is highest when we are babies. We probably know all of the answers to the universe but we just can’t say anything or let anyone know what we are thinking. As we get older, we start losing some of our brain power. It comes to a head with what I call “Mom Brain.” It’s very similar to what my cancer-survivor father calls “Chemo-brain,” but “Mom Brain” isn’t caused by cancer. It’s caused by children....more
OMG there is an actual name for it? I think I still suffer with it but by this age it's evolved ... more

Tantrums & Grief in the Grocery: More Than Meets the Eye

I don't realize my son is tense, bothered, quiet. I don't realize it until later, after the urge to strangle him had subsided. One of the special racks, at the end of the fourth or fifth aisle, is stacked with boxes of muesli bars. "Can we get some of these please Mum?" I barely even glance at him. "We can, but not from here. When we get around to where they usually are, where there's lots of them to choose from, we'll get them then." Those of you who spend time in the company of small children know how this next bit goes. Small child begins to whinge, their drawn out pleas often mixed with exaggerated sobs in the back of their throat. ...more
Your well written thought provoking post brought back memories of my son and his tantrums ... more