Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins of Writing

Whether you're writing articles for publication or copy to promote your business, you may be committing these seven deadly "sins" in your writing. Here's an explanation of each sin as it relates to writing, along with links explaining each sin in more depth and offering tips to avoid them. ...more
very good and informative article.  Well done.more

Looking for Freelance Gigs? 5 Groups That Can Help

Vblogging is considered the new hotness for social media, because videos give people another way to consume content and searchengines love them. I’m experimenting with vlogging, so I created the video below to share some tips on finding freelance clients. ...more
Do you have any tips on establishing relationships with advertising or marketing agencies? What ...more

Freelancers: Why You're Probably Charging Too Little

Three years ago, when I left my job to freelance full time, I had a hard time shifting my mental math from salary to an hourly rate. When a client agreed to pay $30/hour for my copywriting services, I was over the moon, thinking it was an outrageously extravagant sum. After all, $30/hour x 40 hours in a week x 52 weeks in a year = $62,400, which was way more than the salary I'd just left. (I'm sure some of you are already laughing at that equation, because you know where I'm going with this.) ...more
My move to full-time freelance writing 6 years ago (had already been doing it PT for 2 years) ...more

How to Write (Better): Five Mistakes That Weaken Your Writing

I'll be the first to say that being a successful freelance writer requires more marketing and business savvy than writing skill. Writing beautiful, flowing prose won't make you much money unless you know how to market yourself, negotiate fee structures and contracts, and keep your editors happy. That's why my blog usually focuses on business strategies for freelancers. ...more
I agree, simple can be better although I find it difficult to make my writing more colorful. ...more

Why You Need a Freelance Resume

Awhile back, FreelanceSwitch.com posed the question, “do you use a resume as a freelancer?” I answered yes, and I wanted to expand on my comment here, since I was shocked to be in the minority. Yes, your portfolio says more about you than a resume ever could, and yes, many clients never ask for a resume, because they'd rather see your portfolio. Here’s why, in my opinion, you should have one anyway....more
Being a Freelance SEM Expert, In my point of view, cover letters get more value than resumes in ...more

What's in a (Blog) Name?

There's a lot to think about during the beginning stages of a new blog. What platform will you use? What will you blog about? Who will want to read it? And what will you name your new masterpiece?...more
I have a two blogs, one is just mine... "An Act of Revision" got it's name from a John Irving ...more