True Stories: The Masectomies That Shouldn't Have Happened

Imagine that you are told by a doctor that you have a breast cancer. A mastectomy is recommended. You agree. The procedure is done. A few weeks later, you find out that you never had breast cancer at all. It was a mistake. Horrible nightmare? For two Canadian women, it's much worse than a nightmare. It's their reality. ...more

It just makes me gag how doctors can just treat patients especially women like this. ... more

Good-bye Sweet Lorelei

I hate to admit this. No, I REALLY do hate it. But it looks like I am going to have to limit my TV watching. I know, I know, big deal, right? Let me give you some background though because,for me, this is monumental.The television is my little boxed-shaped friend. It has been my constant comfort and source of entertainment since I was old enough to blink. I have watched so many re-run episodes of Gilmore Girls that I am sure that if I ever have a daughter I'll name her Lorelei....more

A world without Lorelei Gilmore? That world would be harsh. Humour-less and Amy ... more

Women's History Month: Reading Female-Authored Fiction

When I was a teen, I took over half the basement of our house and turned it into my bedroom. There were many benefits to this situation, but the crowning glory was a pair of ceiling-level bookshelves that ran the entire width of the room. I had them filled to the brim with books. Most of those books were fiction, and inside them lived some of the best role models I ever had. ...more

I don't remember a single day where I haven't read a book. I remember the day I turned 11, ... more

My Blog Has Gone International

I started my personal blog in January and joined Blogher a week and a half ago.  All that time and effort has finally paid off.  Thanks to one Canadian reader, I can now say my personal blog is international.  (Sarcasm aside, I am really excited about it.)...more

Every morning the first thing I do is check my Stats. I started blogging in December and I ... more

If Nudity is Artistic Expression, Who Owns the Body Used as Art?

Although the news is frequently disturbing, I still read the newspaper while I eat breakfast. On Friday morning, a news item caught my eye: an art gallery in New York's West Village is displaying a live naked woman. The title told me everything that I needed to know: Hey, Look! She's Naked! But It's Art, So It's All Right. ...more

but art has a way about objectifying a woman's body and getting away with it. I agree with ... more

How do you get more readers?

If you write, you need readers in order to grow. Readers provide tips on what's working and what's not, they encourage you when you put out that one good sentence and they validate the time you spent on the creative process. If you blog, it's easy to tell if anyone is reading your words or not. Sometimes painfully easy when it's not as many readers as you'd like.

President Barbie: Tool of the Patriarchy Now Teaches Girls to Aim for the Oval Office

Every once in a while, something causes me to take a deep breath and turn down the heat on my boiling cauldron of seething cynicism. The latest campaign by The White House Project, who work to advance women in leadership with the project mission "add women, change everything," is causing me to step back and think. The organization is teaming up with Barbie to inspire girls to aim high - as high as the Oval Office if that interests them. ...more

I remember playing with Barbies as a kid. My Barbie said, "It's fun to be pretty" when you ... more

“Abortion Doulas” Take a Job Few Others Will

Here's an idea that is, I think, long overdue: doulas for women who are having abortions. ...more

I loved the idea of a doula for abortions. That would be great. Your post gave me a lot to ... more

Someone needs to take the negative PR off abortion's back!


To view the second film go to this link - more

Stuck in a big black hole

I don't know if this is just me or it's a common thing among women writers. I've never been entirely  confident about my writing. I wrote a short story about a month ago and I had a really bad feeling about it. So, I posted it on my blog a few days after I wrote it to see what people thought about it. Even though people liked it, I can't seem to get past the feeling that this story is actually crap and my friends are just humoring me. I know as women, we are always worried about not offending other people's feelings.