Gestational diabetes and weight loss

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 24 weeks.  It was a surprise. My third pregnancy and this time I have GD??? I did the diet for 2 weeks but my doctor didn't like the fasting numbers I was getting. My body wasn't doing what it needed to overnight. So i went on a little white pill. Combined with my diet it seems to be doing the trick. ...more

Baby Food, Blenders, and the unnecessary...

So I'm pregnant with baby #3...and i was just looking at my blender that is sitting out on the counter because this morning it made me a wonderfully delicious strawberry, blueberry, banana smoothie. While looking at this wonderful thing I thought (1) I wish I could have a margarita and (2) why do people buy all this crazy baby crap?I specifically thinking of the baby food blenders with the baby food containers and the freezer containers. Those baby food containers are expensive and what do you do with them after the few months of baby food making has come and gone. ...more

Humingbird Showing me the way to peace and joy - and baby #3!

I've never experienced this before.  I have two wonderful children and with each of them we were "trying".  The first took about 7 months but our attitude was more like "let's just stop trying NOT to have kids".  Then with number two we decided to start trying cuz, "it took a while the first time".  Well it took a month....more
@Cindyhuber  Sorry for the delay...between the redesign of the site and a new baby the blog fell ...more

Leapster LeapPad - a total rip off!

I'm taking this opportunity to rant - at the people at Leapster! The LeapPad is a total 100% rip off.My kid got it for Christmas. His grandma bought it. Nice of her, right? A $100 toy because this kid loves, loves, loves anything techy.  This seemed like a good solution to get him off my nook and my iphone for a while....more
By my understanding of the term, "rip off" means something costs more money than it should in a ...more

My Least Favorite Holiday...yup I am a mom...and I hate Mother's Day!

Hate is a strong word...I don't like to use it and reserve it for situations where I feel very strongly.  And this my friends is one of those days.Mother's Day...blah!Here's why I hate mother's day. ...more

A Friendship Lost

How do you let a friendship die a slow painless death? It’s hard, especially when you weren’t ready for it.  ...more

Misadventures at the Park

I should call me blog “misadventure at the park” I mean seriously? Why is it that I can’t even go to the park with my kids and enjoy a quiet day of screaming, climbing, crying, and laughing? I take my kids to the park so that they can burn off steam. This is the place that they should be able to scream, jump,, and climb without me saying “no jumping on the couch!” So yesterday I took my son, his friend (both preschoolers) and my 18 month old to the park.  The boys had a  soccer ball with them…this is where the problem began....more
I know! It is every single time! Makes you wonder who the crazy one really is? Maybe it is me???more

It Rained 4/19/11 - why do I remember that???

As my two kids were watching Mickey Mouse, I looked out the window at the downpour that had just started and I realized that last year at this very moment I was doing the same thing - only I had just shipped my three year old to stay with my parents for the week and my 6 month old was laying in her swing napping. I was starring out the window at the gloomy, rainy day last year dreading what was to come....more

When You Can See the Train Wreck Up Ahead - but can't say anything...

It's a terrible feeling. Watching from a distance as someone you love starts down a bad, bad path but they don't want your advice. ...more

Review of Hunger Games

Well there were some difference between the book and the film, but over course, I expected that.  Here are some of the differences that I just couldn’t get over:SPOILER ALERT!...more