Should I Feel Bad Because I Have a Housekeeper?! My MIL Thinks So!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I have a housekeeper come clean my house two times a month. It's a luxury, I know, but I'd rather spend $100 to get my house cleaned than get a massage or a new outfit. It seems like no big deal to me, but my mother-in-law is constantly making snide remarks that a SAHM shouldn't have to pay someone to clean her house. It's really annoying and I try to not let it bother me, but ultimately it does. Any advice on a good comeback? Signed,Why Do You Care How I Spend My Money? ____________________________________ ...more
Sounds like I'm in the minority here... Although I agree - to each their own. And if this is how ... more

Humingbird Showing me the way to peace and joy - and baby #3!

I've never experienced this before.  I have two wonderful children and with each of them we were "trying".  The first took about 7 months but our attitude was more like "let's just stop trying NOT to have kids".  Then with number two we decided to start trying cuz, "it took a while the first time".  Well it took a month....more
@Cindyhuber  Sorry for the delay...between the redesign of the site and a new baby the blog fell ... more

Me vs. The Car Seat: Game on B@tches!

This is not a commentary on how great being a mom is...sure it has its great moments and during those times when I'm losing my mind (which are coming more often than I'd like) I like to look back on those moments of greatness and say "yup, this is why I am a mom". It could be something cool like watching my big boy get on the bus for the first day of kindergarten or my little girl run up to me and say "I'm practicing my pirouettes" but these moments are often over shadowed by the inability to find their backpack when it is literally two-inches from his face. ...more
@Denise  Amen!!! more

The Hidden Costs of Private Preschools

I am familiar with meltdowns in Target. I have two small children, after all, so I expect to leave Target in a blur of tears, whining, crying, and threats to never, ever return. When I got an unexpected opportunity to go to Target by myself, however, I wasn’t prepared for the meltdown that ensued....more
my son was in private pre school last year (public K this year). Oddly there were no birthday ... more

Soccer and My Daughter’s Concussion: What’s A Good Mother to Do?

At first, I didn’t even realize it had happened. My sixteen-year-old daughter was playing goalie for her premier soccer team at a college scouting tournament during Thanksgiving break this past November. As a player from the other team charged the goal, by daughter went in for the save. They both missed the ball and hit each other head-on. The other player fell down and then got up and brushed herself off. My daughter stumbled but didn’t fall. She then managed to capture the ball and save the goal....more
I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's injuries. As a soccer player myself (I played high ... more

What kind of blender do you own? Do you love it? (I'm looking for one that is NOT a vitamix cuz I'm not made of money.)

What kind of blender do you own? Do you love it? (I'm looking for one that is NOT a vitamix cuz I'm not made of money.) ...more
Kitchenaide...from Kohls.. with my 30% off coupon it was about $70.  I love it. Does a great job ... more

MTV Star Waxes Three Year Old Daughter's Unibrow; Gloats On Blog

Farrah Abraham, best known as one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom but also known for getting an obscene amount of plastic surgery by age 22, has totally outdone herself this time.Image courtesy of MTV...more
speechless - ditto. more

I Don't Know What to Do About My Daughter's Bully

I am struggling because I can’t see this person, I can’t protect the person being hurt and honestly, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how the hell to cope with a 7-year-old telling my daughter he’ll kill her if she tells on him. I wrote to the teacher* and have her assurance she’ll keep my daughter safe, but the thing is, how do you believe that? How do you believe that after a threat to kill her she has ever really been safe....more
It is totally unacceptable. Unfortunately it has fallen on the hands of the teachers and ... more

Playgrounds Are Too Safe? Where? Sign Me Up for a Playdate There!

Newsflash: Playgrounds are too safe. If you're taking your children to one of these un-imaginative, un-inspiring, un-risky, un-challenging playgrounds, you are short-changing your child of a productive future. They won't know how to take life risks or how to succeed at a challenging goal if they don't have real monkey bars....more
It is a crazy balancing act...isn't is??? You want to teach your child to be confident in ... more

Things to consider before jumping in a Lake...

You're probably busy thinking about what type of dinner to serve on the last day of 2012...fools!Not me, I'm making plans to jump in Lake Michigan on January whose the fool now wimps?...more
Hi...glad I found this blog.  I love you on the caught my attention because ... more