Transracial Adoption: "If Only We Were the Same Color, Everyone Would Leave Us Alone."

I’d never once in my life imagined that I would find myself, along with my husband and friends, on a beautiful, sunny day in Mexico City, surrounded on all sides by “Federales” (Mexico City police) holding machine guns....more
While I didn't adopt my daughter she is tri-racial I guess, since technically I'm biracial but ... more

10 Things I Don't Care About Now That I'm 29

I once cared deeply about these things. But I’ve gotten older and “wiser” (debatable), I’ve realized they just don’t matter to me....more
Couldn't agree more! more

#Not4Sale: How a Group of Native American Women Are Speaking Out Against Buying Silence

Think Native mascots are harmless? Here's my experience and why I'm telling Dan Snyder we're #Not4Sale....more
I completely agree with you, I have a different battle being someone of Cherokee descent but ... more

Single Mom Budget Crisis

Month after month, it goes like this:...more
Yup except for the spousal support as I have never been married. Face palm. more

It's Not the End of Her Life: Why We Need to Destigmatize Teen Pregnancy

I was 17. I had just finished high school (a year early) and had been reunited with Irish. I had graduated three months before and had recently been given birth control pills by my dermatologist to combat my acne. It was the kind of pill that you had to wait until your menstrual cycle began to start taking. Only it never started....more
I can't even express how much I hate these ads, especially ones that talk about the children of ... more

Call Me Crazy I will Answer

So let's see, look at my sidebar and you will see that I signed up for NaBloPoMo this month, yes it's every month. The big difference? I also signed up for NaNoWriMo! But wait everything comes in threes, I also signed up for Project 365! ...more
atrelaun so far I'm doing good, but I have hit writings block with my NaNoWrMo just over 7,000 ... more