An Unnatural Position

Moe has a great laugh. Sometimes I hear this laugh, a sweet giggle that is pure joy, when he's watching TV or we're in the car. Occasionally, during a rare moment when I can get Moe to play, he'll let out a genuine, adorable belly laugh....more

Occupy My House (We Are the One Percent)

We are the One Percent.The One in One Hundred.We are not rich, and we are not privileged. Not in a way the 99% understand, anyway.We are the families of children with autism.Most of the time, you may not notice us. Our kids' disabilities are often invisible. They look just like any other kid. Maybe even a little like your kid.But you might not notice us for other reasons too.You might not see us at the park, because we are afraid that our children will run away, that even one second of distraction could end in tragedy....more

Responsibility in the Online World

I belong to a number of online parenting groups. Most of them are related to special needs parenting but I am also in a couple of groups for local moms.In one of these groups, I recently got involved in a debate on vaccines. I won’t go into the details of the debate, but like these things do, it turned ugly. This was in part my fault because I used the word “responsibility.”...more

My Son Doesn't Speak, So I've Learned to Read Him

My son doesn’t speak so I’ve learned to read him in other ways. I know which giggles are meaningful and which are just manic tics. I know his joyous squeals and grumpy whines. I know his attempts at sign language, when he is really trying to tell me something or just going through the motions because he knows he is supposed to. ...more
Thank you for your post. Was lovely to read...more