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When I turned 40, a lot of things changed in my life.  I discovered that I... read more

I Am Not Your Fat Friend

This is an open letter to people I have/do care about throughout my life who have either disregarded me, not seen my sexuality, or not seen my value and worth because of my weight. Some of these people I am still friends, even best friends, with but this is my truth. These stories are not personal attacks, but rather examples of how thin privilege operates on interpersonal levels between friends, lovers, and the people we interact with. I am not necessarily placing blame—I am telling part of my story....more
Jen, I was never the fat friend as a kid, but I am now and I can relate to almost everything ...more

Has a Comment Ever Made You Want to Quit the Internet?

A few days later, I received a comment that tore me to shreds. This person accused me of writing regurgitated garbage just for the sake of luring traffic from search engines. "I bet you're not even Jewish." His evidence was that I knew nothing of Jewish culture, because I used the word "menorot" and everyone knows it's menorah. ...more
People are more bold on line than in person..and maybe much more out of line.more

Hobby Lobby is Right

With the very recent Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case has come an uproar, an outrage over the result.  But these folks are in an uproar in large part over misinformation.  All the outcry, Facebooks posts, and news stories are screaming loud and long that Hobby Lobby has refused to pay for any and all female contraception.  Untrue....more
Contraception choices belong to a woman and her doctor. Period. No one can impose his/her ...more

The 5 Stages of Grief After Finding People on Facebook

I made the mistake of searching for an old friend on Facebook the other day. We’ve all been there.  I mean, you spent four years with these people in high school… where are they now? I went to high school with this person, and that was about 18 years ago, so you gotta figure that since I haven’t heard from her in that long (and vice versa), we weren’t that close.  But her name popped in my head, and I was just wondering what had become of her!  I had some time to kill while dinner was cooking.  Nothing like avoiding doing something actually practical, right? To my amazement, I found her pretty quickly!  She was married with kids… pretty normal fare. But then I recognized one of her friends.  And then another.  I noticed that she was still friends with people from high school. As in she was still friends with almost everybody we knew in high school. ...more
@terrilynnmerritts I can see how it would be interpreted that way. But, I am not ashamed, I am ...more

Why I Commit Time to My Small, Personal Blog

I started my blog,, around a year and a half ago with hopes of going viral and making tons of money on ad revenue. I read something somewhere that said that you should wait to put ads on your blog until you have a lot of regular visitors, so I gave myself a year to build an audience. I still don't have enough regular readers to warrant adding ads to my blog. ...more
InstinctiveHOLLY I used  blog2print which was super easy, though a little pricey.  It came bound ...more

Unhappy Mother's Day: My Mom Was Abusive

At a time of year when most of my writer friends are lamenting over beautiful memories with their mom, I sit here with a heavy heart. My own mother and I have had a rocky relationship. There were times when I couldn’t stand to speak to her. She probably wasn’t real crazy about me at times either. My mother was abused as a child by her own mother, GrammaDearest. Severely. And my mother in turn was abusive to us....more
Just a PS - it is not a shameful or embarrassing story. It is how it happened and if helping to ...more

Think Before You Post that Platitude Online

There's been something weighing on my mind that's been sitting there for a while. It has to do with people spouting well-meaning platitudes that unfortunately come across as being condescending, hurtful, ignorant or even just cruel. ...more
I have a child with cystic fibrosis. While not 'disabled', it is a fatal and incurable ...more

iPads are Why Your Baby Won't Get into Harvard

Your kid may be the best screen swiper of all time, able to create giggle-inducing hairstyles in the Toca Boca salon app, but all those iPad hours are keeping your child from building the skills they need for future endeavours, including fine motor skills. We've long heard about how devices are affecting social skills, but now we're also hearing about how a lack of imaginative play can affect children long-term, behaviour-wise and skill-wise. ...more
A little too late- oops!more

We're Adults, So Stop Bullying Me Online!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,A woman I've known online for years has recently started bullying me. She leaves fairly nasty comments on all of my Facebook and Twitter updates. She's not overtly mean, but she says things in a passive-aggressive way, like: "I remember when those pants were in style! Good for you for bringing them back!" when I post a selfie. I'm a little scared of her, to be honest, because she has no filter and is maybe not altogether sane. How can I distance myself from her without her noticing?Signed,Am I in Junior High Again?!...more
This is just pure insecurity on her part. It is a terrible thing what women put other women ...more

I See Myself as Skinny When I'm Not

So this is going to sound strange, but just bear with me. I think I have reverse body image issues. I'm one of the billions of women who "used to be skinny." But in the past couple of years, I've noticed that I look at my body in a different way than most of the other "used to be skinny" women. Let me explain. ...more
writingislove  So well put! You are exactly right! Our view changes depending on who we are ...more