Do Tell: Share Your Latte Name and Win a Flip Video!

So you're standing in line at the coffee shop, and the barista asks your name. Ever give out a fake? Rita is just so boring. Maybe I should be Cassandra. Or Juliana. Or Contessa Zahara von Edamame. ...more

Funny. Having a name like Gwendolyn means nobody can ever spell it correctly, plus you will be ... more

Expat Moms Chronicle Raising Kids In a Foreign Country

Mothers tend to share in many of the same struggles, no matter where they live. It can be hard to help our older children interpret tricky social cues, and it can be difficult (for moms of very young children, especially) to find a supportive network of other moms. But imagine if you were navigating through your motherhood journey in a country different from the one in which you were born. Imagine going through the adaptive process in a foreign country not only for yourself, but also steering your children through it. ...more

HOW could you forget JOURNEYMAMA????