One Time, I Made My Daughter Cry...

I'm not naive enough to believe that just because my child is seven, she can't be disappointed and hurt. The Nutcracker isn't a little recital piece. It's not a school show. It's serious production and a Big Damn Deal, and I had serious reservations that my sweet SG would have a spot after eight ballet lessons -- six of which happened three months before her audition. But she wanted to try and I wasn't going to stop her. I prepped her as best I could. ...more

Jeremy Lin: What He Means to Asians, Athletes, and Dreamers

I’ve been watching the whole Linsanity phenomenon with a mixture of exhilaration and anxiety. While I don’t generally follow basketball, I am certain that Linsanity means something—to Asian Americans, to the world of sports, to anyone who’s ever had a dream and been told no. I watch and follow and devour any analysis, because Lin is part of my community — I am, like Jeremy Lin, a second generation Taiwanese American, raised in Silicon Valley by engineers....more
Love this post! I hope he has a long career, and can retire however he wants. I love that he ... more

Was It Yoga or Was It Porn?

I tried Yoga for the first time.  Well, really it’s the third time but I don’t count the continuing education class I took at my High School where there were 100 attendees and I couldn’t see the teacher so I ended up just bullshitting with my sister....more
I'm going back Denise, and hoping that the love birds won't be there!! more

Does Your Spouse Question Your Debit Card Charges?

Hun, what’s this charge on the debit card for $35.66? Oh, um, not sure, where from? ABC United something or other. Oh, I made a donation to a charity. Okay, what about this charge for $2.99 – Fruit what the fuck is Fruit Ninja? Oh, um, I bought an iPhone game for the boys? Really? Yea, they like to play it. $2.99 at Dunkin Donuts?  $6.78 at 7-11?  $3.50 at Starbucks?  Why the hell did we buy a Keruig? Do you really drink that much fricking coffee? Ummm… yes? ...more
Thanks for reading all! I always feel under the gun, I gotta admit, with that being said, I ... more

A Month of Awesome Women: Pink

I will concede that when you hear the right notes with the right words at the right moment, everything else falls away. And even though she will never know who I am, Pink has touched this woman's soul. More than once, she has saved me. She busted into my crusty, black heart and made me giggle. She taught me to not take myself so seriously -- to learn from my own mistakes and come out stronger and better than before. She's offered me a couple of long, hard looks in the mirror. ...more

This is PRECISELY the reason why I can't wait to see what she comes up with after giving birth ... more

Social Media Is a Warm Gun: A Dangerous Tweet About Depression

The scary thing about social media is it has a nasty habit of allowing some dude who Googled stuff that one time and thought about some things and then decided maybe it would be fun to share them with his MySpace friends (I'm loosely paraphrasing, but seriously, only loosely) appear to be an expert of some kind. ...more

I suffered from PPD and it sucks big time, you described those feelings so real so vivid. I want ... more

My Child Wouldn't Nap: The Day I Learned Perspective

John is gone and has been for weeks; he won’t be home still for some time. It’s okay. I miss him and Braden misses him, but the truth is that we’re used to him being away a lot. We have a rhythm we get into while he’s away....more

Well said.