Dealing with the Bugaboo of Weight

JaneWhen I stepped on the scales at my annual physical, I realized that I have gained back a large portion of the weight I los...more
Jane, the whole weight watching never seems to end.  I don't know what to say; I am addicted to ... more

Millennial Women Addicted to Facebook -- Or Not?

Between May 27 and June 3, 2010, the Oxygen Media Insights Group commissioned Lightspeed Research to survey a nationally representative sample of 1,605 U.S. adults who use social media. The survey included questions about consumers' usage and attitudes toward social media. And? Millennial women like Facebook. A lot. ...more
It's an addiction, no matter what the percentage.  I mean, if you don't think so, try going one ... more

When the honeybees are gone, what will you miss the most?

You would think that finding out and stopping what is killing the honey bees would be the ... more

For Sale: One Childhood Home

Minda and teen idol Bobby ShermanMy sister, Minda, is cleaning out our childhood home.  She's my only sibling still in Cleveland,...more
It hasn't happened to me yet. I know it will feel like the end of an era when it does.  Thanks ... more