Big Guy's glory, Mommy's migraine

It's an honor Big Guy has coveted for a week, and that's an eternity when you're 5. He's even been handicapping his chances. "Xx was Friend of the Week last week," he said. "We have the same first letter, but his second letter is ahead of me. So maybe it's going to be my turn this week. Oh, I hope!" I guessed that he'd calculated correctly when he came barreling out of the cafeteria this afternoon -- usually I have to near-drag him kicking and borderline screaming, because he'd rather chat than walk home with boring old mom. ...more

Spread around the wealth -- you bet

I am comfortably middle class. Though that assumes that there's still comfort in a middle class where the day-care bill is higher than a pre-housing boom mortgage and climbing at twice the rate of inflation. ...more