Clothes Shopping...Ugh

  I thought about putting this post under the "Adventure" category because clothes shopping for myself is always an adventure. I am in the midst of two types of shopping adventures right now: bathing suit and a wardrobe update. Neither one are pleasant.I do not do it often if I can help it, but eventually, it shows....more

Brrring...Brrring...The 80's are Calling

It's been a brewin' for quite some time now.I went and got me a perm....more

"Shake It Off"

With the good weather looming I am increasingly aware of the physical shape that I am in this winter. It’s not my best. So, I had to move the exercise line on my “to-do” list further up toward the top of the list....more

Plugins, Widgets and Themes Oh My!

How is my new website coming along?It's a mess. An absolute mess.Thank you for asking. I am neck deep in trying to design my new website "Just Like Perfect!" and it isn't even close to perfect. (I am ready to expand from Make it, Bake it or Buy it!).It is disorganized, stuff is all over and I cannot find anything I need. It is cluttered, messy and just plain chaotic. There is no place to sit down or put things. It is disturbing to the eyes.Hmmmm....that sounds familiar but I cannot put my finger on it.....hmmmm.Oh looks a lot like this......more

The Afternoon Nap, Chapter 5

I know that the holidays have passed but I still need your help! I could not get these last few chapters to you for the holidays but since it is still winter, and we even have snow now, and I am still wearing my Grinch socks, I was hoping that I could share them with you and that you would not cringe....more

The Afternoon Nap, Chapter 4 - The Angel

If I ever needed some winter magic, it would turn out to be today.I had finally made my much-needed trip to the grocery store this morning because the blizzard was arriving later today and my cupboards were empty. I did not even have a crumb to leave for a mouse....more

The Afternoon Nap - Chapter 3, Chili & Bread

I had no idea what I was going to eat for dinner and I was too tired to care. I had never made the much-needed grocery store visit that had been last on my list of errands today but luckily, there was take-out food.It had been a long first part of the day and I was exhausted. My errands began at the gas station and each leg of the trip around town became more frustrating, probably more from my lack of the “ability to deal” with the growing pile of errands gone wrong....more

The Afternoon Nap, Chapter Two - Twinkle Lights and Holiday Tunes

My afternoon nap had not happened for a few days and I had been all right with that since my last nap had involved a strange dreamlike trip to an unknown kitchen where I whipped up the greatest spiced tea and cookies ever known to man. Then I woke to find it all on the table beside me as if that was normal. I have yet to describe how I feel about that nap. It could not have been a dream and that is the strangest part of all. So what was it? I did not know. Even though it seemed harmless I was left with an odd feeling....more

I blame Charlie Brown (and probably too much coffee)

It's been simmering and was just below the surface. Then I watched Charlie Brown's Christmas Show last night and it happened.My Christmas Crazies started.Spending money and buying lots of "stuff" can leave me unbalanced at any time of the year, but this time of the year I get completely unbalanced materially and financially.(And have you indulged in Starbuck's bottled Iced Coffee - Vanilla? I may have just a little too much...)...more

"The Afternoon Nap"

"The Afternoon Nap" is a collection of seasonal short stories about winter holiday magic, simple recipes to savor for enjoying the season’s moments and thoughtful gift ideas to share with friends and family. Last month I realized that I was not going to have this ready in full for this holiday season so I decided to share some of the stories with you for feedback to help shape the book and to use the season to feed my creative process so that I can complete my book....more