Bribery vs. Positive Reinforcement -There is a Difference

It’s true that Behavior Modification gets a bad rap. One of the reasons is because many people confuse bribery and positive reinforcement. Let me explain. Bribery is when a reward is offered BEFORE the actual desired behavior. An example of bribery is offering to give a child a donut if he/she promises to behave at grandma’s house three hours later. Obviously, it doesn’t work. The child will enjoy the donut and quickly forget all about grandma. Positive Reinforcement is using a reinforcer (reward, if you will) in order to pair a positive experience with a desired behavior....more

Sensory Processing Disorder or Picky Eater?

What does it mean when someone – a teacher, therapist, school evaluator, or friend asks if your child has “Sensory Issues?” ...more