Abbe's Budget Beauty Blog

Like so many of you, I am a Mom who also loves to try the latest & greatest products. I also am on a strict budget that doesn’t allow for much to be spent on beauty. What can I do, you ask? You can join me here where I’ll be reviewing budget-friendly products (which I already own or have received samples of or have won in some way). I will always disclose how I received the products & will also always give an honest review, especially since I don’t want my readers to feel duped into buying a product that doesn’t work....more


My name is Abbe @abbebrown & I am a twitter party-aholic. I was inspired to start this blog after a particularly interesting & educational twitter party led by @theonlinemom @geekbabe @ginaschreck & @robynsworld. If you have been on twitter & seen the #hashtags flying around & trending then you may have stumbled upon what’s known as a twitter party. Most twitter parties are hosted or led by bloggers and sponsored by companies who are looking to promote a product or cause....more