12 Brilliant Ways To Create More Time To Crochet!

1. Sleep in your clothes. You've probably heard about laying your clothes out the night before to save time the next morning. But I say heck - why not cut the time out altogether? Go to bed dressed for tomorrow. That way you don't have to dress when you get up in the morning, thereby saving you even more time. Note: T-shirts, jeans and knit items work the best....more

Stop Salting My Chocolate!

I’m the poster child for “Ick, that’s too sweet.”  And I love dark chocolate.The darker the chocolate the better.My husband jokes that one of these days he’ll come home to find me huddled in a corner, gnawing on a bar of baker’s chocolate.Precious….It’s that serious.And it’s not a new thing....more

Are We Becoming Another Tower Of Babel?

Comments from my blog post two nights ago sparked some meditations for me.Though I don't want to see us lose our past and forget the eloquent arts of how to write or how to speak, I also see that we're evolving.When you stop and think about it, it's not just that the world is shrinking. With the influence of technology and our society's adaption, we are learning and forming new languages and cultures.We just don't think about it that way....more

When Designers Hear “Can You Cut Your Price?”

I was so irritated.It happened.I'm not going to say their name, give you details, or talk about the proposal, but I certainly am going to write a warning for anyone who will listen. And I don't bleepin' care that I want to yell about it all over the internet.It happened....more
Wow.  You've said everything in this article that I, too, have experienced and told someone else ...more

The Balance Between Communicating Too Much And Not Enough

I like details.I like specific questions. I like specific answers. I like conversation. And most especially (besides sheer writing for the joy of it), I like thorough two-way communication.But sometimes, no matter how much you like to communicate, you find yourself on uneven ground, face to face with someone else who does not communicate the same way as you....more

Help Me Find Some Yarn? Pleeeeeaaaassseee?

So I'm on the hunt for a very specific kind of yarn. It's a beautiful shade of purple and one picked out by my sister-in-law for her Christmas present. I've been looking for just the right shade of purple for her for months....more

Follow Your Heart – It’s Not Really That Clichéd – Crochet Ruminations

The best advice I can give an artist seeking to sell for profit is to follow your heart when it comes to creativity and listen to your customers’ feedback.Every time I’ve ever tried to do something my heart wasn’t really into, from that creative artistic point of view, it never would sell well....more

Display And Pricing Your Art And Handmade Items At Shows

I’ve done shows for some years now. And one of the things every newbie (and many seasoned) sellers struggle with is how to handle displaying your pricing.  Sometimes sellers think that not using tags or pricing will somehow make their items look more professional and nicer.  But one of the biggest mistakes an artist can make is by not displaying (or hiding altogether) the price of their work....more

Happy Veterans Day: Kill Any Babies?

 This post was originally published on Veteran's Day 2013 on my blog here.It had been a long weekend in the Texas sun.  The state guardsman reached for the refrigerator door and a welcome shower of cool air fell over his long military sleeves.Looking over the grocer's jugs of milk, searching for the best date, his hand lingered on a handle for just a moment.That's when he heard it."Kill any babies."...more

Now My Child And I Are Going To Die...

There's a heartbeat sounding in my ears."See mom, these are the Hot Wheels I want to keep, because they have moving parts."  The rest can go to the fundraiser.Moving parts are always more interesting.Thump-thump.I hear the crashing sound of a demolition crew.  Wait....  That's not right.  I'm sitting at a stop light.  I'm at an intersection on the edge of town.  Nothing but trees and cacti on my right.I turn to my left.  Heartbeat.There's an infinity in the space between moments.  Did I leave my body?...more
Thank you JohndeGruyther !more