Heartbroken Holidays

I should be in bed by ten.  I should be at the gym.  I should be more optimistic, use more restraint, and quit drinking full-calorie beer.  I have got to cut out the word “I” and perhaps not sit on the floor crying when my three-year-old tells me I’m the worst person ever while sitting in time-out attempting to slam the door closed with his feet. When I walk out of church because my two kids can’t keep their seats and I glance over to see my daughter humming whilst making a stack of hymnals......more
I try to get outside as much as possible when I am low, because you're right -- there is such ...more

Drunk Love: Drinking Up My Kids

Having kids changes things. It forces you to think beyond yourself, beyond coffee, beyond 4:00 pm, beyond dinner, beyond bedtime. You are planning and praying and cooking and cleaning, and then the next day you just hit repeat with different color t-shirts and different vegetables. ...more
Enjoyed reading this! Beautifully written!more

How to Raise Children of Integrity

 Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.-H. Jackson Brown, Jr....more

Operation Lose the Pacifier: Is There Really a Winner in this War?

Have you ever known an addict who just begged you for another hit of whatever they’re into, and they cry and whine and plead and promise things and you just get really worn out from being a sober companion? Do you seriously consider giving in so you can get one freaking evening to yourself without all the crying and calling and yelling already? Congratulations. You know what it’s like to break a three-year-old of his precious pacifier....more
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Are Owls Really Smart?

(image courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids)...more

Top Ten Ways to Laugh More at Work

I have had my share of crappy, miserable, insanely-awful Tuesdays.  My mornings usually consisted of lukewarm coffee, screaming children, re-heated muffins, and boring NPR stories.  I was stuck in traffic, with bad hair and pants that were an inch too short, and when I got to work I noticed half-done reports and a computer keyboard covered in the crumbs of yesterday’s subway sandwich.  I was thinking "Is that really the day care calling to say my kid as a fever? Do I honestly have a meeting in ten minutes? It’s only Tuesday for crying out loud." ...more
What a great blog with wonderful suggestions. I'm a "creative" working in an office of ...more

Odd and Curious Thoughts of the Week

(1) In our house, we can’t say the words stupid, dumb, or hate.  Which is why we don’t have cable television and ban Fox News. Today, however, I managed to say all three words in one sentence with regard to a jar of pesto I couldn’t open. I’m an excellent example....more


I had a dream a few months back that I was dangling on a roller coaster, my hands gripping the sides of a drop-off that went straight down into blackness.  I was in my car with my children, for heaven’s sakes.  I couldn’t risk their lives letting my clunky Chevy Tahoe loose on these metal tracks.  What kind of mother would let go? I couldn’t tell if my car was strapped in or if I would fly off into the cold air.  Where would I land?  Who would provide for them?  What would I do?  Help, Lord!...more

Fan Mail

So the big important news this week was that Taylor Swift’s fan mail was found unopened in a dumpster.  All those glittery heart raspberry letters wasted, dumped by the used syringes and old saggy diapers.  Someone found them, and THANK HEAVENS alerted the appropriate authorities.  It just really makes me teary-eyed that we Americans [that haven’t a clue about starvation or submission or selflessness or hunger or political issues] stand up for what’s right. Because these letters were found, ya’ll. It’s a miracle. ...more
This news couldn't be more devastating to me, as I suspect my many fan letters were included in ...more

Odd and Curious Thoughts, Downton Abby Edition

(1) I’m fairly certain that no matter what time period we’re floating around in, Miss O’Brien should not have hair curls that resemble horns.(2) That Cora.  Always smiling with her head turned like she was just handed a newborn kitty that smelled like baby powder wrapped in a bed of roses.  I was just getting to like her in that angry, I’ll-never-forgive-you-for-killing-my-daughter way, but now we’re back to the eerie smiling....more