Literally Starving

Lesson's From Persephone:Sometimes you got to go through Hell

When I first started this adventure of mine, I don't know exactly WHAT I was expecting. Some how I didn't think it was going to be this challenging. I've always envisioned myself as a successful songwriter. I've been practicing my Grammy acceptance speech since before I knew that is what I was doing, crafting my interview responses for my favorite magazines.  I can't even BEGIN to imagine myself NOT making it....more

Playing with Poetry


It's my party, I'll attend if I want to...?

I am an extremely vivid dreamer and I remember most of them. It’s probably part of why it’s so hard to wake up, as my dreams are often really fun and entertaining. My dreams are also not very subtle. My subconscious likes to make it really obvious to me whats up....more

Morning Walks in Fairy Land


Boot camp for rock stars

The Blessings of 2010 ...more

Unapologetically Yours

; For most of my life, I have been a please-er. I was the kid that would burst in to tears if you so much as said NO to me.  The daughter of two ministers, I knew from a young age that I was to be a good example, so I tried to be the best example.  I became addicted to positive attention and did everything I could to be as perfect as a little kid can be or  a pre-teen, or even in to my teen years. However, we all learn eventually that the road to perfection only leads to madness. ...more

You're not alone. You should check out my profile for a statement that can be viewed very ...more

Looking Back

I've been looking back at old blog entries to see where I've been, and it's been extreamly helpful.  Sometimes I start the process of future tripping (freaking out about posibilities instead of staying grounded in reality) and I find that looking back at where I've been helps a lot.  This is one of the first entries I wrote in my current blog "The Leaping Project" ...more

But when I read old posts I either have the itch to edit the crap out of them or put the delete ...more