Less Breast = Fuller Life! -Surgeon and Procedure

The more I've considered reconstructing my nipples, as opposed to skin grafting them, the more I like the idea.  I worry about the ethics of getting areolas tattooed on, and I ask the opinions of others who share my values and beliefs.  The answer is unanimous:  Go for it!  Having a free nipple graft will increase the amount of work of caring for the wound, dressing it, and making sure my darlings don't bump or smash it.  And after a few weeks of that, heaven forbid I might lose some or all of them anyway! ...more

Less Breast = Fuller Life! -Insurance & Surgeons

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Today is actually Day 5 of my recovery.  But I want to tell the whole story, because I've been in active pursuit of this surgery since September 2009, and the insurance approval was a little bit of a bumpy battle.  This is a novel of a monologue, but for those seeking an insurance-covered breast reduction, I'm going to post it anyway.  The process of choosing a plastic surgeon, getting insurance approval, etc. etc. ...more