My Childhood Was Awesome....And It May Have Not Ended...Whatever.

Ok I am horrible. It's been like 3 weeks since I have written anything. But in my defense, life around here has been pretty hectic AND it's been boring hectic so there was nothing interesting to write about. ...more

I'M IN A STORE AND I'M SINGING....or screaming...either one

Has anyone had the issue of, wearing their hair up and after like 5 hours your head is screaming in pain. That is what's happening to me right now. I have one of those cute pinterest buns on my head right now and my scalp feels like it it ready to fall off my head. ...more

Move-Aways and Give-Aways

Move-Aways and Give-Aways This winter weather is getting excruciating. Last night my mom, my sister and her fiancee, my nephew, Brody and I went to the Gateway Mall, which is an outdoor mall. We were walking from Applebees to the parking garage and it was only a 5 minute walk, but my hands swelled up, my feet started to swell and I started to have a hard time breathing....more