Chitrashala: A Museum In The Clouds

Chitrashala: A Museum In The CloudsPosted on July 4, 2014 by aborrowedbackpack ...more

Highway Story-3

Date: 13-04-2014Location: Haryana Roadways bus, the non-AC one.  Boarded from Shimla, for Delhi at 09:00 pm....more

Draped In The Blazing Sun: A Visual

“Have you ever tasted the infinite sky?Have you ever draped the blazing sun? ”Spotted this ‘Saadhu’ at the Nandgaon temple close to Vrindavan, during the Holi celebration. His attire seemed to follow the fashion principal of “draping” very beautifully. It was almost as if he has draped the incandescent sun around him....more

My Holy Holi At Nandgaon And Barsana

[Before I begin this post, I wish to thank my fellow-traveler, Natty Singh, for generously donating images for this blog-post. I am extremely thankful for all the four images that he has let me use here. His photography is as natty as he himself is. What I like about him is the fact that he could have easily managed an FB-page titled something like 'Natty Photography' with a decent fan following, but instead, he does it only through his personal albums on Facebook. It is refreshing to meet such under-stated people in the era of blatant advertisement.]...more

When At Home, Knock At Big Yellow Door

I rarely write about my in-town loafing in Delhi, but since I have recently bought a DSLR camera, I decided to take it out for our (the camera’s and mine) first adventure-walk. ...more

Street Fashion: Bohemian

One reason I love places like Old Manali, Goa, Pushkar is the fact that I get to spot awesomely attired people out in the streets. ‘Bohemian’ styling seems to rule the fashion sensibility at these places. Not only this, it also lends (or does it borrow from it?) the laid back element to these lovely places. Whatever the transaction is, the end result is an interesting, quirky and oh-so-stylish agreement on the whole. Each piece of the carefully careless dress-up seems to be looking in different direction, yet it all comes together as a composition....more

Pushkar: The Food Scene

[I am going to experiment with a new wordpress feature (new for me) called 'pagination', here. The post will contain more than one page. Page numbers are there at the end of the post, near the 'comments-box'. I'll be happy if you let me know your views on it. Even a simple 'yay' or 'nay' would do.]...more

Bhang Lassi: A Time Warp

[This post is going to talk about cannabis, a drug which is locally procured in some parts of India. Please do not go ahead if it is likely to hurt your sensibilities. I am not encouraging/discouraging the usage of drugs. I am just stating facts and narrating a real-life experience. If you choose to go ahead, well, happy reading!  ]...more

Cafe Anokhi, Jaipur

How-so-ever busy I am on my trip to Jaipur, I never miss visiting Anokhi. It HAS TO be visited. Everytime. Like a ritual. I personally love the collection stocked by their C-Scheme store. It is impossible to come out of the store without buying something/anything....more

Advertising: A Visual

 Location: Old Manali...more