Tissue Pom Pom Flower Numbers DIY!

 These tissue pom pom flower numbers (or letters, use your imagination!) makes a great party decoration and photo prop!Maybe 30 done in black, lol? Write out I Do! for your wedding!This DIY is very budget friendly, I did not have to purchase anything (I entertain often and have LOTS of tissue paper) But even if you have to purchase tissue paper and/or floral wire, you can do so under $5, the rest most anyone would have at home!...more

DIY No Sew Ruffled Tablecloth

When planning my daughter's 1st birthday, I began looking for the trendy ruffled tablecloths that look so stunningly cute and beautiful on tables.  However, I was unprepared for the cost- $200-$400 depending on the colors, sizes etc.  I was not willing to spend that kind of money on a tablecloth and without any sewing abilities whatsoever, I let the idea of a ruffled tablecloth stay a dream....more

5 Picks for BlogHer '12

My blog is only 4 months old, so BlogHer 12 will be my very first bloggers conference!I am so excited to go and meet other bloggers and gain more knowledge about the blogging world.  Also, it is my first weekend away from my daughter EVER, so, please be kind to the crying girl in the corner (ha, that will so totally not be me) ...more

Take a Dip Into Color

Venturing out of my usual white shabby chic look, I decided to add a little color to some chairs using spray paint. ...more

An Unlikely Romance- How I Met My Mistress

In college, I lived off skipping meals and beer. A diet that suited my wallet and had no effect on my waistline.  However, at 25 years old, I was a newlywed, blissfully married and neither my husband nor I could cook.  My husband refused to believe that beer was a perfectly acceptable calorie replacement for food (stubborn male), and I reluctantly began to notice my metabolism was catching up to me. (Who knew beer was filled with empty calories?)...more

I Have NO Idea What I Am Doing & Other Reflections on My First Year as a Mom

 1) Babies are WAY more resilient than you think. I am incredibly klutzy:  klutzy mom + lack of sleep + precious little tiny baby = recipe for disaster.  Most new mothers irrationally fear dropping their babies, but it was a valid concern in our case (I am sorry, Kalia). ...more

Memorial Day- A Day of Remembrance

BBQs. Hot dogs. Vacation day. Long weekend.  Memorial day. Names. Daniel Hyde. Dimitri Del Castillo. Dates. March 7th.  June 25th. Families mourning. Widows. Service. Sacrifice. Memorial day. Freedom Is Not Free...more

Paper Lantern DIY

When I first saw this craft in Martha Stewart's Living, Kalia was in the womb (kicking away, everyday, all day long... ) I saved the magazine and then added it to her nursery board on Pinterest when I saw it online. ...more
Beautiful! I would like to try this DIY project!more

Mother's Day Gift Guide Board!

5 Areas I write on A Bubbly Life, thus 5 Gifts!  I am pretty sure that is how it works??...more

5 Minute DIY- Color Code Your Keys

On Leap Day, I announced A Bubbly Life's Pinterest Project- One Pin At A TimeI chose one I desperately needed- coding my keys so I can identify them!  I do not know if this will prevent the discussion-  Where are My Freaking Keys?! between my husband & I, but the keys are now looking prettier!...more