Real Country Cooking

 Hand to God!  When I was in college I went to visit a room-mates grandmother who lived in the Piney Woods of Texas. Now Mamaw, my friend’s grandmother, lived in an old wood cabin way back in the woods.  Yes Texas has woods and they are thick and dark.  We drove up the long winding road to a little opening in the woods. ...more

A Christmas Story


Not What It Used to Be

Remember when flying was an event.  If one was rich enough and sophisticated enough to travel by air, it was an event.  You would arrive at the airport and be met by a man who would take your bags at the curb give you a ticket stub in return and escort you to the ticket counter.  You would then be met by a smiling ticket counter clerk in either a suit and tie or a spiffy uniform.  They would give you your boarding pass and take extra pai ...more

My Friend Myrtle

Several years back in a particularly difficult part of my life I hooked up with some women on the internet that made me laugh and start to enjoy life just a little.  I was somewhat separated from just about every friend I had and was lonely for some female companionship.  I found this group and that was it.  The only problem was this group of women lived all over the United States and some in foreign countries.  I couldn’t just jump in ...more

The Granny Diary

May 15.  I am so excited I finally get to go visit my sweet little grandchild again.  I just got pictures from my daughter and she is just darling. She is growing so fast.  It just ...more

The Fear of Flying

I am not a germaphobe nor do I think I am an agoraphobic.  I do however understand how Howard Hughes became one.  One day he thought I’m going to go see my grandchildren in Texas (I know he didn’t have any, well at least none that he knew of).  He then books a commercial flight.  He arrives at the airport the designated two hours ahead of schedule where he is forced t ...more

Looking for a Style

I’m looking for my style.  No not my fashion style but my writing style.  My fashion style is fine.  Mix Dame Edna with Peg Bundy and throw in a little bit of your Great Aunt Ethel and that’s me.  I dress a bit funky shiny with some dowdy mixed in.  Like I’ve said before they really don’t make clothes for small middle aged women that doesn’t look like either a cross between a deranged hooker looking for a tennis m ...more

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Almost Profanity

Those almost not quite, almost would be, could be profanities are getting way out of hand.  You know the ones I’m talking about the “f’ing”, “frickin”, “frackin”, galdarnit, dagnabit, sonofabiscuit, heckfire, shoot and all those others that you may or may not use.  Do you think by not saying the entire word you are getting away with something?  Do you believe your 4 year old will not repeat it?  I mean after all you re ...more

If and when I do swear, I do it right - no fake f words will escape my lips, only the real ...more

Dear Keebler Elves

Dear Keebler Elves, ...more

I think we are a lot alike. I loved this post about inviting a Keebler Elf to live with you ...more

Could You Survive The Great Depression?

I had a telephone conversation with my “new” Momma and my Daddy this morning.  We spoke of many things one of them being their trip to Hawaii by way of California.  The other thing we discussed was the state of our nation’s economy.  Both of these intelligent septuagenarians said the same thing to me.  They said that my generation, the baby boomer generation, would not make it throug ...more

I understand and practice frugality in many areas.  On the other hand, I like my computer, ...more