Controlling My Shopaholism with a Clothing Fast

I’m a shopaholic. I have been for years. Fortunately for my family’s finances I’m a bargain shopper, but that’s also dangerous – if I find an amazingly good deal, I have a very hard time not buying it....more
Kudos to you for taking the challenge! I do not think I could do it. But I will love to hear how ...more

Planning a Disaster-Proof Gift

I don’t know about you, but over the past few months I’ve been thinking more about disaster readiness. First it was Hurricane Sandy. And then, of course, Friday’s horrific tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut....more

Coconut Rounds Christmas Cookies

My mom has been making Coconut Rounds every Christmas for as long as I can remember. When I was a young girl, I didn’t like these cookies at all … they weren’t super sweet, and they didn’t have frosting. Now that I’m older and prefer different tastes, I love these cookies....more

The lowdown on flu vaccines

Cold and flu season is rapidly approaching - and just like every fall, you can expect another big push for flu vaccines....more

Salt and vinegar aren’t just for potato chips … they’re effective weed killers, too

On Wednesday I discussed the potential dangers of chemical herbicides. Today I have a host of natural solutions that effectively kill weeds. Try all the techniques until you find one that fits your de-weeding needs: VinegarVinegar’s acidity comes from acetic acid, a natural plant killer....more

Do you know what sunscreens do?

Why do you apply sunscreen? Do you want to protect yourself against UVB rays? UVA rays? Are you trying to prevent skin cancer?Did you know that sunscreen does not protect you against skin cancer?This definitely was news to me. I guess I assumed sunscreen was a magical potion that could protect you from many of the sun’s evils. But it turns out that sunscreen just prolongs the amount of time you can be exposed to the sun without getting a sunburn....more

Limit your exposure to quaternium-15

As this month's final mystery ingredient post, today I’ll discuss quaternium-15. Tomorrow I’ll share what cosmetics I use, and Friday you can learn about Maia’s Mineral Galaxy, a company selling natural cosmetics. (They’re also donating two great giveaways to Accidentally Green readers – for more details, click here.)...more

Shampoos and engine degreasers may be more similar than you think

My Accidentally Green journey began five years ago when I learned about sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate ... they were the first ingredients that made me realize there are a lot of hidden dangers in the products we use each day.   ...more

The strange but true beginnings of stearates and allantoin

Some mystery ingredients – particularly stearates and allantoin – in personal care products are safe. Even though they’re natural, they do come from some pretty unusual sources:StearatesStearic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid, often is found in foods like margarine and shortening. But it’s also part of soaps, hairspray, hair conditioners, deodorants and cosmetics. ...more

Why personal care products may not be safe

Last week, I started Mystery Ingredient May by explaining a few ingredients found in cleaning products. This week, I’m tackling personal care products....more