Toddler Busy Book

Gray received an awesome Christmas present this year that I wanted to share with you all! ...more

Ten Things About Me

Per the ubiquitous Facebook tag. ...more

First Birthday Gift Guide

Also known as, Favorite Baby Items, 12-15 Months. Here’s a quick list of some of Gray’s favorite things during this fun, exploratory age! 1) Water table:...more

Happy Halloween!

May the force be with you! ...more

Fun Stuff Friday – Parenting Reads

Source I don’t know what I did with my time and money before I had dogs, a baby, and a house. At any rate, I’m popping in to share a little of what I’m reading lately. ...more

I Am Enough.

Do you ever just want to slap yourself? I have these moments a lot. In the process of moving into our new lovely home, I have found myself feeling oddly without ....more

Moving With a Toddler

So, we grossly underestimated what moving would be like with a toddler. ...more

It's About More Than Your Vagina: Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

I know what you're thinking. "Pictures of my vagina?!  No thanks." Except that's not what birth photography is. Birth photography is about so much more than the actual moment of birth. In fact, there are few things I've observed since becoming a parent that are as misunderstood as the idea of hiring a birth photographer. ...more
We set up a tripod at the hospital and captured our son's birth on video. It's not like we sit ...more

A Place to Call Home

If you ask my husband where he grew up, he will, without fail, stumble on his words a little as he tries to give an answer. It’s not because he’s inarticulate; it’s because he could rival any army brat with the number of places he called home as a child. Between three countries, he lived in several cities in at least nine different homes ....more

Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

“Birth is an experience that demonstrates that life is not merely function and utility, but form and beauty.” ~Christopher Largen (Hint: it’s not because you’ll look super sexy in the pictures.) I know what you’re thinking. “Pictures of my vagina?! ...more