Multiple Color Heat Embossing

As promised, here is the tutorial on how to use multiple colors of embossing powder to emboss a single stamped image.  So, gather your supplies and keep reading!...more
That is one of my all-time favorite stamps!  It grabbed my eye right away.  Love the idea of ...more

Baby Scrapbook Page

Here is another layout that the fair judge refused to look at… I thought it was unique and would be different from the everyday pastel baby pages.  It would be perfect for a fall picture or first pumpkin picture.  My grandpa always used to call me Pumpkin Head… so, it all came together from there....more

Birthday Scrapbook Page

I entered several scrapbook pages into our county fair, and the Craft and Hobby judge refused to judge them because they were missing “expected elements”.  I didn’t put pictures on my scrapbook pages.  Whatever.  So, I am going to share these pages—and how to make them—with you over the next few days!...more

Wordless Wednesday

This was my study partner on Monday night... not sure if I should be scared about the one face down further back... do you think my daughter was trying to tell me something? ...more

Tasty Tuesday: Potato Surprises

Back to School... for Mommy?

I am a total glutton for punishment. I decided-- while having three year olds at home-- that it would be a grand idea to get my graduate degree.  More specifically, my Master of Science in Accounting from my alma mater. Holy crap. What the heck was I thinking?! ...more

Up, Up, and Away

I've mentioned before how I love my house and where I live.  These are pictures from the Hot Air Balloon Festival in town.  Literally, across the street from my house. One of these days, I am going to take a ride in one and check it off my bucket list. ...more

Rolling Ridge Ranch

If you are looking for an awesome place to take your kids-- or yourself-- and are within driving distance of Rolling Ridge Ranch in Millersburg, Ohio.  I highly recommend it.  They offer two types of tours-- one from your car and one on an open sided wagon.  Pay the extra for the wagon ride....more

Wordless Wednesday


Tasty Tuesday: Cheater Chicken and Dumplings

Just for the record, the fact that I even letting this recipe leave my fingertips.. my grandma is probably SPINNING in her grave of exasperation.  My grandma used to make dumplings and noodles from scratch.  When she made noodles, I remember the drying racks-- those wooden fold out clothes racks-- all over the kitchen with noodles hanging down....more