Watch Me And You'll See

If you happen to be a regular reader of my blog you know that I'm no stranger to confession-style posts. I tend to err on the side of honesty, perhaps too much in certain eyes, but that's who I am. I write for me. I write to write. I write because I have things on my mind and in my heart and I want to get them down to virtual paper. So. Here goes.=============I have a confession to make....more

If I Could Find the Right Words

I AM ... A white, Jewish woman.... Mother to a young, white, Jewish girl.... Married to a white man.... Someone who grew up in New York City.... Someone with an open heart.... Someone with friends who are hurting....more
You should be afraid of your child's future and safety regardless of the color of their skin. ...more

Just Before Bed ...

It's time for bed.I missed yesterday's post because I was exhausted.Twenty-four hours with six girl scouts of our own and ten others and loads of walking and I broke 16K steps on my Vivofit on Saturday left me crashing and burning on Sunday and so I didn't post.And I could be sad and mopey about it, and I do feel kind of meh that I missed, but I'm also moving along....more

Sssh. I'm not really here.

I'm skipping tonight.I mean - I guess I'm posting this, so I'm not exactly skipping, but I'm mostly skipping.Because I think I need to get on track with writing tomorrow morning FOR tomorrow and that this will help me.A lot.And crap. I just realized I need to write a post tomorrow for Saturday, too, because I'll be out. ALL DAY. LONG.So tonight I send you to a few of my old posts so you can get to know me better....more

Grateful for friendships ...

Do you ever feel stretched too thin?Sometimes I feel that way.I feel as though my heart wants to do so so much and so my head jumps in fully and then before I know it too much gets lost along the way.And then there's so much to do and so many things to think about and suddenly ...I stop.I stop it all.I hole up a bit.I freeze.I go off track.Try not to be found....more

Nighttime writing. I don't usually do it.

It's #NaBloPoMo, people.I can't not write a post today.That would be awful.So here I am.BlogHer made me write at night.I already started a day behind everyone else, so I'm on day six while everyone is on day seven and it's already not cool so I really have to write tonight and here I am....more

My head is spinning. Such is life as a blogger.

If you're my friend on Facebook forgive the somewhat duplicate commentary from me. I started to write it all there and decided, well, this is almost a post - is it not? And so, here I am.And in all my confused glory ...I am so all over the place when it comes to conferences this coming year....more

One year gone by. It still hurts.

Emotions are heightened as the weather cools down.Fall has arrived in North Carolina and I'm feeling it.My mood flicks like a switch that I have no control over has been commandeered by someone I can't see.Coffee is good. It fuels me. Warms me.Soups, too.I made chicken soup from scratch.A task - I know. But I know why.I needed to. I wanted to. I had to feel. Be on my feet for hours.Ladling. Skimming. Stirring.How did he do it? All those years. On his feet.Day after day. Night after night.All those years.I exhale. ...more
patriciaappelquist Thank YOU so much for reading and commenting.  I truly appreciate it.more

Easy Crockpot Taco Chicken

When it comes to dinner there's little easier than a meal in the crockpot. I mean, it does all the work for you. I've posted varieties of this recipe before but I hesitate to call it salsa chicken since we don't use salsa anymore to make it in our house. What we use is taco sauce. So here you have it ... Easy Taco Chicken in the Crockpot....more