Sex After Kids: An Eventless Horizon

In that space known as “life after kids,” suddenly and without warning, time and space bend and you find yourselves swirling in a vortex of loud, high frequency crying sounds that seem to stretch out through eternity. Nights are never-ending, yet sleep is denied....more

Get Plastic Surgery…Because You’ve ‘Earned’ It. Say What?

I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I read the fashion blog penned by the infamous, unbelievably popular, Singaporean ingenue, XiaXue.  Reading her blog was hard at first, but, with enough concentration, I could ignore the author’s bleached blonde hair, baby blue contacts and unnaturally pale skin (all visible thanks to the huge self-portrait that adorns her site’s banner) and pay attention to its content.&nb...more

Ode To My Due Date

New mom Kelly Miller's humerous introduction to motherhood...Tomorrow is my due date. So, how is it that I'm already losing sleep, sitting on my couch, nursing my 2 week old baby boy in the middle of the night?Because due dates mean nothing.I'll confess...Continue here...more

Ryan Dunn: “Jackass” Extraordinaire Dies Tragically

Ryan Mathew Dunn, best known for his daredevil antics in the Jackass TV series, died Monday, June 20th, 2011 at approximately 3:30 a.m....more

Hollywood Lingo: A Tool Of The Tinseltown Trade

Whose desk have you sat on?” was one of the first questions I was asked at a job interview. I was interviewing to be a Hollywood assistant, and I had no idea that this question was the industry’s way of asking who I had previously worked for.  It was not a question about  whether or not I had occupied a piece of furniture lately....more

Love Knows No Bounds

Last week we came across the story of Ned Nefer and his wife Teagan.  A married couple who are traveling via foot and wheelchair from Syracuse, NY to Watertown, NY, where the couple met and fell in love.  Ned is committed to pushing Teagan, who is wheelchair-bound, the full 70 miles that lie between Syracuse and Watertown....more

Dr. Phil, The Duchess and Oprah: The Circus Is In Town

We want to ask a few simple questions: “Why the hell is Dr. Phil allowed to repeatedly talk smack in the form of his nonsensical pseudo-psycho babble?” And, “Why does Oprah, enable his pathological behavior?” Has he put her in some sort of hypnotic trance that prevents her from seeing what a quack he is?  Or, is Oprah simply blinded by the light bouncing off his shiny bald forehead?...more

Sunning To Get Safer?

File this one under government efficiency....more

The Post-Apocalyptic Dating Game: Schwarzenegger, Spitzer & Weiner

According to the dictionary, infidelity is: “the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.” Okay, so what does it mean to be unfaithful?...more

Having A Baby Boy, China Style

I have a close friend who, after struggling for years to be a career woman and to hold off on starting a family, despite pressure  her traditional Chinese parents to do so, has finally decided to have a baby.  Of course, everyone expects her, including herself, to have a boy.  This is China, where the majority of to...more