How Do You Know I am Enjoying Your Posts?

The answer is, you don't know.  If I enjoy what you write, I need to comment.  I know this, though it's not always that simple. If I find myself with a couple of minutes to spare, waiting to pick up my kids from school, or on hold with the phone company, I like to use the time to read some new blog posts. Sometimes it's easier just to shuffle through pages and not take the time to leave a comment, because at that moment I just don't have the time. ...more

Kids Discover Mark Twain in Hannibal, Missouri

I want my kids to know great American literature, and hopefully even enjoy it. ...more

Five Unexpected Benefits of French Immersion School - For Kids

 Learning to speak a foreign language is an obvious benefit of sending kids to a French school. It’s likely the number one reason parents choose language immersion to begin with. There are a few less obvious benefits too:(1) Exposure to Other Cultures...more