It's official, it's been 2 years since we opened the grocery store!

I can't believe it's been 2 years already. It feels like yesterday that we opened the doors. The store is doing pretty good considering the state of the economy.  We have a butcher shop. We get a lot of customers looking for fresh beef, lamb and goat. Did I say goat, yes goat, it just so happens there is a large east Indian community here and they LOVE goat meat, who knew?  personally, I have never tried it....more

Happy Seizdeh Bedar or the 13th day of the Persian New Year!

The 13th day of the Persian New Year is the 13th day of Spring for Americans. The Persians celebrate this day by having a picnic outdoors. It is believed to be good luck to spend the day outside....more

Persian New Year and First day of Spring!

Aid e Shoma Mobarak! Or Happy Persian New Year! It is also the First Day of Spring! I love this time of the year! I fix the Traditional Haft Seen. Haft Seen is 7 things beginning with S. Such as Apples,(Sib),Wheat Sprouts,(sabzi), Vinegar (Sirkeh), Garlic (Seer), Tray (Sini),and so on until you have 7 things that start with S. You arrange them on a table with Spring Hyacinths and candlesticks until you have a traditional table. I love fancy things.This was not always the case though. I grew up in Georgia, on a farm. I know, huge difference in cultures....more

My Persian Pickle Party and how it's my therapy!

 I have met a wonderful friend Pam. She is a Leukemia survivor and is 5 years leukemia free! We are both American women married to persian men for 30 something years!  Now how often do you run across that statistic! Lol! And we are both retired teachers. So much in common....more