The Supplement You Should Be Taking But Probably Don't Even Know Exists

I knew nothing about Olive Leaf Extract until Barlean's sent me a bottle to try. I am definitely familiar with a variety of super foods like acai berry, maca root, and green tea but this was a new one. I love learning about new herbs and remedies so I started researching the benefits of this product....more

Is Dairy Making You Sick?

I recently spent time with a family where everyone was suffering from an upper respiratory infection  after having mild colds. The condition is very familiar to me because I suffer from it almost every time I get sick. Before the age of 5, I was hospitalized several times for severe anaphylactic laryngitis (my throat would close up and I couldn't breathe or speak). It would begin with a mild cold and, as a "home remedy," my parents would give me a glass of warm milk with melted butter to drink. Then shortly after, my throat would begin to tighten and I would be rushed to the hospital....more