Light it up whatever color you want. I won't be joining you.

April 2nd is the beginning of Autism Awareness Month.  Yaaaaay...awareness, right?  No.  I'm very aware of autism and all of the heartbreaking crap that goes along with it.  I don't need awareness.  No one in my daughter's family or circle needs awareness.  We taught that class, road that train, got the t-shirt, thank-you-very-much.  I don't need a blue frigging light bulb from Home Depot to remind me that my kid is autistic.  I definitely don't feel the need to advertise from it my front porch.  Also, here's an interesting fact......more
I am becoming more resentful of Autism Awareness month as each year passes. Good post.more

Don't Let the Hamster Fool You

The question: How fast could your child's hamster actually run if they ever accidentally got away from you? The answer: Like a bat out of hell. Here's the culprit: Honey, my 12 year old daughter's long haired Syrian hamster. Brat. ...more
So funny. I'm pretty sure the number one reason I never got my kids a hamster is exactly your ...more

My autistic kid won't be the reason yours ends up with measles.

Let me preface this by saying that I am fairly liberal.  I am pro-choice.  I voted for Obama.  I am a firm supporter of same-sex marriages.  I believe that everyone should have access to affordable health care.  But what I don't and won't accept is the anti-vaccination movement....more

Top 5 reasons that I hate snow days.

Who doesn't love snow days?  As a kid you wait with bated breath..prayed under your covers.."Please God, please God, please God let there be no school".  You'd listen to the radio for school cancellations and when you heard your school's name you'd do a victory lap around the livingroom.  (No?  Just me again?)  BUT.  As an adult with kids?  Not so much.  Here are my top 5 reasons for hating snow days....more

The tween scene.

The term "tween"'ve heard it, yes?  A word used describe a kid between 10 and their teens.  In between a kid and a teenager.  Tween.  It sounds almost cute.  I see it all over Pinterest.  "Tween hairstyles",   "Tween fashions",   "Tween bedroom makeovers".    What you don't see is "How to get the demons out of your tween", or "How to ground a tween so hard they'll never see daylight again"....more

Santa has left the building.

So I don't have any children that believe in Santa any more.  This sort of kills me.  Last year, Mad had just turned 11, and while she pretty much knew..she still wanted to believe.  This year, with the girls at 17 and's all over.  Mom is Santa. With Hallee being autistic, she has always seen things in black and white.  Either the guy is real or he's not..there is no in between.  She has never liked the whole Santa idea from the beginning....more

Are you using Walmart's Savings Catcher app?

There are lots of couponing apps that I've tried.  Some are good, some too much of a pain to use regularly or with any real success.  I've tried Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Savingstar.  But Walmart's new Savings Catcher app has me pretty excited, and I'm not usually a Walmart shopper, but this is changing up my game!  (And I GOT GAME)...more

So the Ebola nurse is coming home to my state. Can I freak out now?

Nurse Kaci Hickox was taken off a plane in Newark, NJ and put in forced isolation after caring for Ebola patients in West Africa this past weekend.  Several reports say she had been running a fever.  Upon being put in quarantine, she proceeded to make a very vocal stink about her human rights being infringed upon.  She hired an attorney.  She shared her opinion with news outlets.  ...more
Denise Yup. Her rights were totally violated. Did you read about the "tent" they put her into in ...more


After 23 years of perfectly normal periods, my body decided to quit that shit back in July.  After a normal, 5 day period, I had another two weeks later.  And then another two weeks after that.  And another.  And another.  You get the picture.  I figured maybe this was the start of menopause, or at least perimenopause.  I carted my hemmoraging, anemic ass into my GYN and got a full work-up.  Bloods and ultrasound of my formerly well behaved, cute little uterus.  ...more

True confessions of a germaphobe.