Dear Hipsters,

Dear hipster couple behind me at the checkout at Shaw's just now...your leaning into my back (actually pushing into me) to get your wine and kale and organic buckwheat pancake mix up on the belt faster and your big sighs of impatience did not go unnoticed by me.   I had many items, and you had a few. But you couldn't be bothered to go to an express check lane..why?  Too far away to walk in your genuine LL Bean boots?  The second time you pushed my butt with your basket didn't go unnoticed either. ...more

Christmas traditions we do NOT follow.

With the holiday season in full-swing now, my Facebook feed and Pinterest boards are full to overflowing with people sharing their holiday traditions.  While we have some of our own, there are some that I can't get onboard with.  Follow along with the traditions I say, "Awww...hellz naw" "No thank you" to. #1 on my hit list...this guy....more

The reason for the season.

You know what?  I am so over being stressed out from November to January.  The minute (and usually before) the Halloween decorations come down, retailers begin bombarding us with holiday advertising.  Before I've even bought a turkey for Thanksgiving, stores have Christmas decorations up. The pressure is flyers arriving weekly in the mail.  TV is a straight up onslaught of things your kid has to have for Christmas or they'll shrivel up and die. Is your shopping done yet?  Who are you forgetting?...more

The Ugly Truth Behind Holiday Birthdays

We've all heard of the poor kids born on Christmas who've never gotten birthday gifts, but had to make do with socks and whatever else their parents could spare from the Christmas pile. I've always felt so sorry for those kids. They didn't get big parties and lots of birthday presents, instead they got to share their birthdays with the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus! ...more
Though my birthday isn't ON a holiday, it's two days after Halloween. This wasn't a problem (and ...more

Happy (Haunted) Halloween!

Have you ever experienced some weird, spooky things that you just didn't have an explanation for?  Seen something out of the corner of your eye, only to turn and see nothing?  Heard a noise and couldn't find the source? Our rational mind looks for explanations.   A cold spot in the room?  Must be a drafty window.  Hearing things go bump in the night?  Must be the furnace kicking on or the old pipes groaning.  But what about the things you couldn't explain?  Because ghosts aren't real, right?...more

Words of wisdom

To my forever child on the eve of her 18th birthday.

18 years ago tonight, I was almost a week overdue.  She was due on June 28, but that day came and went with no signs of her wanting to make an outside appearance.  At my weekly appointment a few days earlier, my OBGYN said it rather plainly.  "The holiday weekend is coming up and I'm going on vacation.  I want her delivered before I leave.  We'll induce on Friday, the 4th".  Well, shoot....more
Love you colorful description of your birthing experience :). I don't think i will ever forget ...more

18 and life to go.

A few days ago, Dawn Gagnon wrote an article for the Bangor Daily News about a family with a 19 year old autistic son named Michael.  Michael, like my daughter Hallee, is autistic.  Michael's parents are moving out of Maine in order to provide their son with the support and opportunities he needs that aren't available to him here. To say that this hits close to home is a huge understatement for me....more

Charleston Heartbreak.

It's been more than 20 years since I called Charleston, South Carolina my home, but it's held on to a piece of my heart for all that time, waiting for me to return.  I can still feel the balmy, warm air on my skin, taste the salt of the ocean drying on my lips.  See the smiles of Charleston's people, all races from all walks of life, welcoming me to their community, accepting me as their own....more

Light it up whatever color you want. I won't be joining you.

April 2nd is the beginning of Autism Awareness Month.  Yaaaaay...awareness, right?  No.  I'm very aware of autism and all of the heartbreaking crap that goes along with it.  I don't need awareness.  No one in my daughter's family or circle needs awareness.  We taught that class, road that train, got the t-shirt, thank-you-very-much.  I don't need a blue frigging light bulb from Home Depot to remind me that my kid is autistic.  I definitely don't feel the need to advertise from it my front porch.  Also, here's an interesting fact......more
I am becoming more resentful of Autism Awareness month as each year passes. Good post.more