For Your Ears: Dear Sugar

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Thank You NPR!

What an honor to be featured in NPR’s Food Blog, The Salt: Lynn Chen, 38, wants to change that. She co-founded Thick Dumpling Skin, an organization that aims to “create a community for Asian-Americans to discuss their past, present, and future relationships with their bodies,” as the group’s website puts it. Chen, a Cresskill, N.J., native raised by Taiwanese parents, says she received mixed messages as a child: She was encouraged to eat large quantities of food but remain skinny ....more

Over at xoJane: I Was Trolled and Fat-Shamed by One of My Male College Students

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Holiday Gift Idea: Link of Hearts

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The Spirit of Struggles and Victories

In 2011, I went on a 12-hour road trip with a few friends to explore the quaint, small town of Woodstock, NY. Personally, it was still a time of piecing myself back together after having gone through my divorce a few years before. Walking into this one store, my eyes were immediately drawn to a decorative block of wood that said, “Strength and courage aren’t always measured in medals and victories ....more

On Our Radar: Fattyland

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Reader Submission: Being You

It’s hard for me to believe that around the same time last year, I had so much going for me. I received a new job after working at a company for 3 ½ years that I did not enjoy and shortly thereafter I received a gift of being in a relationship for the first time. I felt as though the world was offering me so much all at once and I couldn’t have been more grateful ....more

Eating Disorder Recovery on Thanksgiving

(Photo source) Here are some great resources if you’re feeling stressed about tomorrow: 5 Ways to Shut Down Body Bashing This Holiday Season Recovery Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving What I Want My Family to Know About Having Anorexia on Thanksgiving Ways to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner That Supports Eating Disorder Recovery If you’re on Twitter, check out #Thx4Support. ...more

Battling the Stigma of Eating Disorders Among Asians and Latinos

Our own Lynn is featured in this article by Carmen Cusido over at Feet in 2 Worlds. “I have been binge eating my whole life,” Chen says, adding that she also struggled with anorexia after being cast in a soap opera in 2004. “The dieting became anorexia ....more