9 Ways To Be An Ally To Plus Size People When They're Fat Shamed

Alysse Dalessandro wrote this article over at Bustle. As a fat woman who frequently shares photos of herself on the Internet, maybe it was inevitable that my image would be amongst the many taken and altered by the fat shaming Project Harpoon, which is now going predominantly by the name #ThinnerBeauty. The experience was eye-opening because it reminded me that my existence as a fat person is still very threatening to some people ....more

Why is Nicky Hilton Wearing My Dress?

So this happened. ...more

Dealing with Discouragement

We pulled the quote above from our friend Lindsay Cotter’s recent blog post about overcoming discouragement. ...more

Happening Now on Twitter!

Welcome to #Proudchat presented by @TeenVoices & @Proud2BmeUS to talk abt supporting students heading to college w/ eating disorders (ED). — Proud2Bme (@Proud2BmeUS) September 15, 2015 ...more


Well, you KNOW you have to watch our co-founder Lynn Chen eat Soup Dumplings in Taiwan! ...more

Mindy Speaks

If you don’t already know this, I am a huge fan of Mindy Kaling. I’ve been eagerly waiting for her next book, Why Not Me?, so I was stoked to read this excerpt when it came out. And appropriately, it’s all about confidence ....more

Sunday Reminder

Via Elephant Meditation ...more

Casting Asian Transgender Teen for Netflix Series

Saw this over at Angry Asian Man....more

Taiwan Food Adventures!

Our co-founder Lynn was in Taiwan on a food tour not too long ago. ...more

Don’t Be Eye Candy, Be Soul Food

My friend Leslie Durso (an amazing vegan chef) just launched an online store - combining her love of food, feminism, and fashion with this new line of limited edition tees. ...more