Happy Parent's Day

I just wanted to take this opportunity to offer my sincere Happy Father’s day wishes to all you guys out there. I think that one element of father’s day that sometimes goes unnoticed is that it isn’t just dads that should be celebrated. There should be a pause for thought for all the mums out there who play both roles for their children. Without these mums there would be some under privileged little boys and girls, this could also be said for dads playing both roles before anyone takes exception to my comment!...more

Is Holidaying with the Kids a Pain or a Pleasure?

So the day has finally arrived, the day that I have  been dreading and dreaming of, well mostly dreading. Today is the day when I leave work behind me and take the kids away for the week. Well, 5 days actually but who's counting. I am excited to be able to have a break from work as it has been a while since I have had a prolonged period of rest, but am I leaping from the fire in to the frying pan? I suppose we will see....more