Money Saving Tip #2: Stocking Stuffers

This one is pretty perfect for this time of year. It's something my family has done since I was a tween, & it's saved me & my family loads of money (& space!)Stuff each others stocking with necessities. Sounds boring right?It's really not. We all take note of which products each other uses, & instead of putting things like jewellery in each others stockings, we stock them up with batteries, toiletries, stationary, etc. Things that we all needed to buy eventually anyway. This saves money in more ways than one....more

Saving Money Tip #1: Free Entertainment

This is something most technologically retarded people don't know about, but it's been around for ever. My brother is a techie, & I found out about it through him, & I am just starting to take note & trying it. It's saved him thousands of dollars, & so far, for me, hundreds.I believe this is illegal in the states, although people do this anyway. It is not in Canada (yet), so I'm good to go. It will take an initial investment of anywhere from $50-$200 depending on how much you like to be entertained....more

G. stands for GIRL

(FREE) Entertainment is Downloadable? what.

I have been going ...more

Saving Money 101

Saving Money 101 My friend asked me the other day how I always have money. It sounds like a rude question, but trust me, it is a valid one. I am a student - I pay my tuition by myself every couple months. My parents don't give me any (which, I know, sounds like a no-brainer, as I am an adult. But you'd be surprised what some of my friends parents shell out for them), & I live on my own, so have to pay rent, Internet & phone bills, cable & insurance, gas & groceries - well, everything you have to pay....more