On Being At Odds With That Which Has Made You Whole

Motherhood hasn’t been something that’s come naturally to me.  It’s been a learning process, an excavation of sorts, or quest to find a piece of myself that’s needed unearthing and developing. I find it sometimes when I look at my boys. Looking at them these days is like being able to go back in time and see the glimpses of the child I was…and recognize what aspects of parenting and life I was not prepared for or nurtured in by my parents....more

I'm Bringing My Best B-Girl Stance to the Party. Are YOU?

I'll just come right out with it: I damn near lost my mind when BlogHer announced that Rev. Run is appearing at next week's closing party at BlogHer 14.   ...more
LOVE IT!!more

I'm Back Out in the World-Join Me.

The Day I Got a Retweet From Prince

I've had some pretty amazing fangirl moments in my life.  In 6th grade, I met Selena after what would be her final Alamodome performance.  When I was a cop in the Air Force, I was chosen to work Avenged Sevenfold's security detail during their appearance at our base exchange. They later gave my entire shift tickets to their show and backstage passes to hang with them.   ...more
That's awesome! I, too, grew up with The Purple One and Purple Rain is still one of the ...more

Universal Mental Health Screening for Pregnant and New Mothers is a Must

 Every mother. Every time.A pregnant mother of three drove her minivan into the ocean at Daytona Beach yesterday. She was reportedly incoherent when questioned by police and is undergoing a mental health evaluation at a local hospital. She is believed to be suffering from psychosis. Every mother. Every time.  ...more
addyeB we've been fighting/suffering /dying for SO LONG but it's worth it. tonight is renewing ...more

In Between: The Emotions Just Before the Birth of Another Baby

I woke up at 5:24 this morning and stumble-waddled my way through the dark for yet another trip to the bathroom. I sat there, on the throne, looking at myself in the bathroom mirror through vision hazy from sleep, and whispered out loud, "It's almost over."...more

To Miriam

Dear Miriam,My head and heart have been reeling since your death. Upon seeing your picture and hearing details emerge about your struggles mentally and hospitalization, I sat crumpled in my bathroom, sobbing for you, your daughter, and for myself....more
addyeB You are awesome. Really.more

How WIC Saved Us

I’m going to keep this (relatively) short and to the point. No ranting. No giving you my opinion of the GOP or politicians in general. I’m not going to be political about this because there really isn’t a point, and there are millions of others out there saturating the Internets with their opinions, anaylysis, anger, bias, and what have you. I’m not going to give you politics. Instead I’ll give you something personal and leave you with a plea for tangible, effective action. ...more
Thank you for sharing this heart wrenching story!  It is so true, as the mother of 3, for the ...more

Exploitation vs. Appreciation: Can You Tell The Difference?

First, take a few and read this from NPR Music: "When Pop Stars Flirt With Bad Taste"Cultural appropriation.Done "right": tastefully with an obvious appreciation, understanding and respect for a culture's influence on them and their artistry:Justin Timberlake MTV Vanguard Medley(Click to watch)...more
@StaceyTheFabulous LOL Love this!! ---> "...Frankly it might do some people good to see ...more

America's Not Here for Us

"Mom-are we still slaves? Do people still hate us, African-Americans?"...more
lizditz addyeB There will be video, yes.more