growing up

The baby of the family turned eight last week. Oh, the JOY of it all (as you’ll see in the video). I cannot believe that our littlest is growing up so quickly ....more

prayers needed

Good morning, friends. Just a quick update on Mabel. ...more

giving a gift that lasts

A few weeks ago I was so blessed to be able to visit the beautiful country of Haiti. ...more

my heart

“Jesus said to them, “Come follow me. ...more

sweet child of mine

So many of you have reached out to ask me how my sweet Hasya is doing. ...more

Yes, they absolutely are…

Fearfully and wonderfully made. Created in the image of a God in heaven who does all things well. We’re officially one month into school and these three are absolutely loving it! ...more


With the help of an amazingly kind doctor who flew to London yesterday to help, a mama who has stronger faith than she realizes, and a Father in heaven who is writing a beautiful, redemptive story for her life… Mabel is HOME!!!!!! THANK YOU for praying! ...more


Update: ...more

an update on Mabel

Thank you so much for all the love, concern and prayers for Tana and Mabel. ...more


Praying friends, would you please storm heaven with us? Tana and Mabel made it to London safely. We are so thankful ....more