How I Met My Mother

I have been writing this post over and over in my head the last couple weeks. I just am not sure I have the words, not sure I can convey the emotion of all this. I am going to do my best, bare with me… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday 3/18- I am at work and about 9:30 in the morning by cell vibrates in my pocket. I sneak it out for a look and see a 609 area code calling me. I grew up in New Jersey and know the area code, but most of my contact with people from my home state is limited to FaceBook....more

It's My Right

I was born on March 20, 1983 in a tourist trap of a town in southern New Jersey. I don't know if I was born during the night or day, I don't know if my mother had an epidural, I don't know if she was alone. I don't know if she ever held me, or even looked at me. ...more

i can't imagine what you've been through. i have a friend, who is adopted, who met her actual ...more

Wishy washy

Yep, that's me. Jim and I came to the conclusion within the last couple months that I need to return to work full time. I have been fortunate enough these last 2 years to only have to work 2 nights a week, and I am so grateful for the time I had home with my babies. BUT, if we ever want to be able to buy a house in this market it is something that needs to happen. ...more

He's a Father, not a Babysitter

My husband is a great Daddy. He adores his baby boys and really enjoys them. That's something that I am almost jealous of, I feel as though I get too caught up in when they ate, when they napped, and whether their faces are clean that I FORGET to play, and really enjoy the beauty that is my babies. ...more

Having One of Those Days...

I'm having one of those days. Nothing is fitting into my day as seamlessly as it did yesterday, and I'm not fitting into my pants as well either. Nothing like a fat day to get you thinking about life. I'm really feeling stretched too thin(and not in the weight department) lately. I am predominatly a SAHM, but I do work a night or two a week for some extra spending money. I am a wife.  I also am a part-time student, working towards my RN. I have been feeling as though, while I am suceeding in all of these things I'm trying to do, I'm just not doing any of them very well. ...more